Lagos Bus conductors get uniforms


I personally know how many buses I've missed because of the appearance of the conductors or sadly speaking how many rides were endured with my hands over my nose for the reason that they chose messy clothes that very day. 

In an announcement made by the National President of the Bus Conductors Association of Nigeria, BCAN, Comrade Israel Adeshola- bus conductors will start wearing uniforms and identification tags, as part of efforts to promote the Smart City Initiatives, SCI, of the Lagos State government, from the 3rd of August, 2017. He furthermore stated that the Lagos State government has approved the association’suniforms and badges with name tag and identification numbers for easy identification of registered conductors. In his remarks, the national president of the association, Prince Israel Adeshola, said the introduction of official uniform was to tackle the security challenges facing transporters in the state.

Bus conductors are being fingered as the culprits and accessories to the commission of crimes, which have over the years been plagued with the twin evil of ‘one chance’ and kidnapping through the use of commercial buses. Gone are the days when people attribute thuggery and touting to conductors, we are now organised with over 4,000 members in Lagos State. For anyone to be a bus conductor in Lagos, he or she would have to attend the Lagos State Drivers’ Institute before being given the official uniform and an identity card.

Urm, I don't mean to rain on the government's parade, but this same promise, an even more elaborate one was made about five years ago and it goes thus- The Lagos state government has taken a decision to transform the both famous and notorious yellow buses drivers and conductors in the city. Popularly known as Danfo among residents of the city, the government drivers and conductors of the buses will, from January next year, dress corporately in uniforms and badges. It also says Danfo bus drivers would now run eight-hour shift unlike the current practice where one driver drives a bus for the whole. Watch the video below to support my findings.

The re-branding of bus conductors in the state which is in partnership with the Lagos State Government is a project that has been in the master plan of the state government in a way to stem criminal activities and also protect the lives and properties of Lagosians. ’The BCAN has been partnering with the state government through the ministry of transportation to train members of the association who are now registered by the government.

Further progressing on this new law, the Minister of Transportation, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, said that the introduction of official uniforms for bus conductors will ensure safety and bring more development to the nation’s transport sector. So as commuter by public buses, I am supposed to feel safe via my regular Oshodi route, because the conductor is putting on a uniform? Does this mean the policemen that show no urgency in their duties as they do when trying to move through traffic jams with their uneccesary siren sounds, get a little less work assigned to them from the usual nothing?