Stream The Nigerian Way


Prior to this article, we talked about how streaming was undoubtedly the future of the music industry and the panacea for artists unfair treatment. There is no such thing as "too many songs" no room for arguments. MusicCloud has launched in Nigeria to allow users discover, stream, download and share music from upcoming indigenous artistes.

Launched 3 months ago, the platform was created for artistes to showcase their work and offer a whole world to music addicts. It allows artistes to sign up, create a profile and upload their music. A fun user experience is ensured with access to works from Nigerian DJ's and artists by using the site's "Discover" function and rather than come up to the platform whenever you want new music in your playlist, you get notified via sms about new content, great right?  

With strong competition as soundcloud, and the fact that it basically offers the same purpose which is mainly streaming; why the advent in the first place and why should we make the switch despite the locality of the platform?

“There are music services available which cater to Western regional markets, however, there is a gap in the market for a streamlined, easy-to-use service dedicated to emerging and alternative local Nigerian music. We face competition from the likes of SoundCloud and ReverbNation, whose platforms are built with Western folk in mind. But MusicCloud is built for Nigerians and Africans, and we aim to continuously study the market, as well as keeping everything simple on the platform – from surfing around to streaming and downloading; simple.

With their just 3-month-old platform and over 2000 registered users, plans are already in motion to take the platform first across Africa and then globally with increased user base, artists portfolio, and employing consumer insight to constantly ensure excellent user experience through one of such ways as offering subscriptions that tally with content provided.