Snap & Earn


Snapwire simply creates a network between brands and a current community of 383,564 photographers. It works in the most simplest of ways; there are already themes up on the website that have popular picture tags one of which is "couples hugging", "people's pet's", "big city icons" for you to log in, choose and buy from "Search our authentic, Royalty-Free library inspired by real life. Buy single photos or subscribe and save." ; or create your own request by having the registered photographers have custom photos sent across to you after due payment. 

Being used by over 2000 brands worldwide some of which are- Hertz, Huff Post, Traffik, Beverage media group; here is how the request option works: 

1. Request Photos: Tell photographers what you're looking for, set a price, and turnaround time

2. Review Submissions: Nominate photos to indicate what you like and award photographers with points

3. Purchase The Best: Download the best photos that match your creative vision

All you really have to do to start earning, especially if you have an eye for aesthetic that you translate into photography, is to create an account, build a portfolio for your images, get exclusive access to paid photo requests, submit to requests and earn money, you can also edit your photos with tools from Adobe and then join the community of creatives. They (the snapwire team) urged you to start as an explorer and submit your best photos to snapwire challenges, if your photo gets nominated, you earn points and then you get paid after purchase. So the deal is, build your presence and portfolio by getting more points and getting to higher levels, because levels give you access to features as ability to be invited to requests, direct commissions and exposure; great right?

And oh, lest I forget, it is royalty free! Follow them and join the movement on Instagram: @snapwire

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