Smelling Good is Good Business


If you have been beat up about the price of toiletries, narrowing it down to deodorants, I did a research recently which shows that it is because they keep remaking new tubes or plastics for new production. While this is not only unnecessary expense it is also worsening the problem of waste management in our societies. 

Chicago businessman Antoine Wade, has come up with a new perfect replacement to our regular deodorants, he has invented the market’s first replaceable deodorant that reduces up to 96 percent of disposable waste, "Switch Fresh"  offers a range of unisex scents, from apple and gardenia to vanilla and sandalwood and all natural scents free from chemicals as well. 

I’m not pretending to be this super eco-friendly guy who always recycled or always cared about his carbon footprint,” he explained. “But, it was brought to my attention how much waste we were discarding for no reason at all. I knew there had to be a better way.

Following the stead of California-based grooming service Dollar Shave Club, this deodorant's design allows customers to purchase a reusable deodorant bottle(s), or “shuttles,” just once, then order the desired replacement cartridges to be delivered on a bi-monthly basis. The cartridges currently come in two sizes: the standard 2.5 oz. and a larger 5-ounce cartridge, according to the company’s website. Great right? Also, Switch Fresh offers a dual-ended shuttle where users can pick a scent for day and one for night. The only setback, however, is that consumers aren’t able to steal a quick smell before purchase as you can with the regular everyday deodorants but this he has combated by offering a range of familiar scents.

I thought, if I can get rid of this twist mechanism at the bottom, then I can design a product that’s completely full of deodorant, i did just that by putting so-called “gliders” on the sides of the bottle to easily maneuver the deodorant up and down.

While the company is on the road to becoming a household name with a full product launch in spring, Wade said there are a number of goals he hopes to accomplish in the next few years. First, he wants Switch Fresh to be 100 percent waste-free by 2017; this he stated knowing the fact that the only waste the company produces comes from the cartridges the deodorant sits on, but the CEO said they’re working on developing biodegradable cartridges to further reduce waste. Taking his invention a step further, the Switch Fresh CEO said he also wants to give customers the ability to further personalize their deodorant “shuttles.” The deodorant bottles currently come in a variety of colors and designs, however, an online platform where consumers can upload photos and designs to customize their Switch Fresh shuttles is in the works. 

About a month ago, Dwayne started a soft-launch campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, where customers can put in pre-orders for Switch Fresh through the end of March. The platform has allowed him to further advertise his product while also gauging consumer interests. So far, sales for Switch Fresh product have gone up to more than $3,300 to help kick-start production; with highest sales from the Midwest region of the U.S., and also pre-orders from all over the world, including Canada, Germany and London, to name a few, This product is the future of deodorants and setting the pace for biodegradable products and industries.

Our lives are designed around the things we love, we have different mementos on our walls, on our screen savers, on our phones to remind us of people we love or places we’ve visited. So, I wanted to add that same element to our bottles.

Waste Management is a pressing issue in Nigeria. With waste in surroundings accounting for a number sicknesses and death statistics, a research/survey should be conducted by the waste management authority, aiming to discover what main materials accumulate to form non-biodegradable waste and ensure a healthy alternative be invented to curb waste and in turn protect citizens from environmentally induced sicknesses and eventually death.