Smell Detector App


For me that still commutes by public buses; this smell/body odour is an issue dear to my heart; like I personally feel that it is unfair to leave your house with dirty clothes and obviously without the use of deodorants and then come in a public bus and then not keep your body in one place, you are probably saying take an uber duhh; but I do not have uber money in my account. So this is a public plea to the government to have this evenly distributed. While it was created for summer seasons in Japan, it is always hot in Nigeria and even in the rain the moist air still promotes smell from wet clothes and the likes.

Japanese tech company Konica Minolta has indeed started making a device that will measure your smelliness in four parts of your body: your feet, your armpits, around your head, and behind your ears. The machine then connects to the smartphone app through Bluetooth and lets you know whether "immediate care is needed". Up to you to then find the nearest shower or deodorant to fix that...

The device is called Kunkun Body, a name which comes from the Japanese word for sniff. There is also a Japanese word for 'smell harassment' - sumehara - because it appears Japanese people are really worried about their smell. Indeed the project was born out of a conversation between Konica Minolta colleagues about their worries regarding the intense summer heat and the ensuing smell they developed. 

Kunkun Body will retail for 30,000 yen (around $265) and it currently enjoys a fragrant crowdfunding page that already crows "success!"

Coincidentally, the places this device detects smell; are some of the common areas that is usually advised to apply ointment and deodorant, behind you ear, armpit and others. Also extra advice; carry a body spray or perfume in your bag to spray at intervals all through the day.