Sitting Pretty


Knoll engineers in collaboration with design firm, Box Clever, have created a new piece of seating furniture, HiLo. It is a good addition to the ever increasing needs of a dynamic working space, especially for a mobile related job; you know you can basically set your office up anywhere that you feel like and just get working.

When we first started the project, he wanted to make sure we were sensitive to the different types of people who would be using it so he bought us kilts and said, ‘Put these on and make sure you’re comfortable sitting on [the design] while you wear it.


David Rockwell, is known to generally create items that help make work spaces a lot better and user friendly. Based on consumer insights, work  set-ups are becoming less and less stationery and more mobile; so if we are to conclude, this invention is the answer to the future of work spaces.

Our fastest growing [user] category is people working at height-adjustable workstations and we saw time and again that office chairs were pushed to the side,” Cogan says. “We asked, what do you use when you’re standing up? It was clear that you ended up with this chair gridlock when you were at tables. There’s got to be some device between a chair and a stool that would work in this environment, that people could use throughout the day, in group meetings, as well as provide support when they’re standing up.

Meeting spaces at work are a great challenge, even co-working spaces and common labs share this similar space and chair related issues; the hall is either to big and there are not enough chairs or worse still, the chairs are too big and they take up too much space, and that is where these chairs come in; now they are not comfortable for a whole days sitting, but they solve and immediate purpose. Offering stability- with a polymer coated base, Flexibility- with its form and structure and an 8-pounds weight which makes it easy to carry out, every office deserves a HiLo Chair(s).

Box Clever doesn’t think the HiLo will replace a task chair for every office, and it wasn’t intended to, but for some offices, it may. It’s more of an intermediary. “The way people are working today, they’re not staying at their desks long,” Recor says. “They’re in meeting rooms and lounges. Sometimes you’ll need to have a quick scrum and pull people together and this is the easiest way to make it happen.

The first prototypes debuted at NeoCon and Knoll expects the production models to begin entering showrooms later this year.