Sign Learn Sign Languages


Everyone loves gif's! I mean it brings a picture to life, especially if it is a meme. It made me happy when I saw that you could learn sign languages with only the coolest social media invention of this age. 

Sign With Robert is the first and only online sign language course that has adopted Giphy vis-a-vis the use of gifs to over 2,000 animated images which have been shared making sign language easier to learn and more accessible. Making a way by inclusion,  those with hearing difficulties do not have to be left out of the constantly evolving world of social media and virtual learning.  

While it is not an international course and only includes ASL, American Sign Language, it is categorized into vocabulary, like weather, emotions, lifestyle and holidays. It is a practical course which would allow you to converse easily with those who use sign language as their primary means of communications. What this app has done is not only make the hearing impaired people feel like a part of us but also take us a step closer to them at a convenient means and method. See some gif's below:

SL 3.gif

The Association of the Deaf in Nigeria should either adopt and employ this method to teaching or getting us acquainted with our indigenous sign languages and make it available via a virtual learning experience for the public. In the mean time, Get learning!