Rise of Insta-Celebrities


Source: Kokolife

Source: Kokolife

I love this country –Nigeria, you can’t stay a monopolistic market for a very long time. As long as you are making some cool bucks, you are sure to get yourself a lot of competitors, quicker than you can cash your next pay cheque. Unless of course you are Dangote, that way, you can pull the right strings to keep only your brand playing in that space for a very long time. But since you are you, I suggest you calm down and enjoy the competition. Besides, everyone thrives better in an atmosphere of healthy competition. There will be no Serena Willaims without a Sharapova, there will be no Ronaldo without a Messi, and there’ll be no Okocha without a Kanu.

Take for instance, blogging. The minute we heard that someone somewhere was making some cool cash from blogging, many of us have ventured into the business and we wear our tags boldly on our chests saying “hi there, I’m a blogger”. Therefore, allowing the proceeds from blogging to trickle down the value chain. Cool, isn’t it?

Right now there’s a new business in town and many young people are jumping on money train. It’s called social media influencing, the advertising industry calls it influencer marketing- a new trend explosively catching on in Nigeria. So long as you have social media handles, a good phone and you can create engaging and exciting contents, you sure are on your way to making some good money.

I’m particularly intrigued about how it all started. I guess someone somewhere sometime was enjoying putting up content on social media pages and suddenly, he or she got a call to make a post and was promised to be paid a certain amount. Then out of excitement told someone, who told someone, who told someone else and now our social media is plagued with content from these influencers. In Nigeria, people like The Realfemi, Brother Shaggi, Maraji, SLK Comedy, Emma OMG, Emmanuella, That Calabar Girl, Crazy Clown, to name a few, are leading the market having millions of followers across social media platforms; which earns them the right to be called celebrities as they are famous for putting out funny video contents.

Now a lot of people are taking their shots at becoming social media influencers and are performing woefully. This I know because of the number of failed funny videos and vox pops I see these days. 

This trend is largely seen on Instagram and then cascades to other social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, snapchat and so on. Before the close of this year 2018 we are going to see an influx of people attain the status of influencers as 2019 is poised to be the year of the influencer.