Radio, Nigerian Music and Pop Culture.


The Nigerian music industry has grown into one of the country’s major cultural exports and it continues to gain more international acclaim daily while inspiring trends in many cultural contexts.

Across the Nigeria media, Music plays a key role in local culture, for many millennials and popular culture. From dance, to slangs to lifestyle, music in Nigeria holds down pop culture like no other media. Interestingly the Nigeria media space has turned to embraced tightly new media in a rather commendable way. Being the country with one of the largest active internet engagement in the African continent, one would think the web would by now take over exclusively the shaping of culture and its expressions.

As far music is concerned in Nigeria, internet plays a role but there is a medium in almost every home shaping the industry a little bit more than we may know or admit and that is Radio. Radio has been considered as an effective tool to disseminate various forms of information and has been rated by many to be the most powerful mass media for broadcasting information quickly

Davdio at the Beat Fm, Lagos Christmas Party / Via thenet

Davdio at the Beat Fm, Lagos Christmas Party / Via thenet

The Nigerian Radio space has remained vibrant and activing shaping new and emerging culture in the country’s music industry. Labels, music agencies and artistes still spend big on radio airplay. Radio being a key medium reaching all from the top to the grass root stays dynamic and vital in music distribution till date. In today’s Nigeria, internet penetration has improved citizenship and mass awareness in governance, this may also be seen in music distribution but this has not taken over the key role radio plays in the country. With over 150 active radio stations serving the different regions of the 36 states across the country, this huge number stands bold in the face of TV (Pay and terrestrial) in the country.

With the strong role radio plays in shaping culture in Nigeria it is only easy to see why labels and media agencies spend big on airplay. Success for many artistes and records today still gets measured by airplay. Media tour for many artistes beyond the internet starts and ends with visits and interviews at radio stations, basically due to the medium’s effectiveness.

Beyond radio airplay, radio programs have built artistes and promoted pop culture, enforcing culture through interviews, talk shows, and guest co-hosting by musicians and growing acts. Many Radio houses secondarily are also leveraging the platform in organizing events off-air which prominent features of local music acts,  thereby reinforcing their influence on music culture in the country.