EP Review: Sounds from the Other Side

The Sounds from the Other Side EP portrayed a completely versatile Wizkid, One conscious of his new status as the unofficial King of Afropop Home and Abroad. The EP featured all international artistes - Drake, Major Lazer, Chris Brown, TY Dolla Sign, Trey Song, Efya and Bucie. The Sounds from the Other Side is a 12 tracked project, lasting for a total play time of 40 minutes. On the Project Wizkid explored genres from Naija Afropop to Afro R&B, Dancehall, Afrohouse and Afrobeat. This is his first body of work under Sony/RCA Records.

Sweet Love

On this track, Wizkid sang to his lover, requesting for her love in his usual Wizkid flow. Drawing inspiration clearly from the Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, the song had a laid back beat that blended Afrobeat and Contemporary Dancehall. With a smooth clash of saxophones, trumpets and reggae drums, he brought the track to life, giving it a 3.5 Star Rating

Come Closer ft Drake

The Sarz Produced track had a Jamaican-Islandish vibe. An ultimate summer anthem, delivered in Nigerianized Patwa. The Sound was a seamless marriage of Hip Hop, Afropop and Classic Dancehall. Drake on the track was the cherry on top of the cream, with his neatly delivered lines on the track, “Come Closer” will remain one tune for all to remember off this EP in years to come and I rate it 4 Star.

Naughty Ride ft Major Lazer

This track was meant for the perfect evening chill as it stayed completely calm and laid back from start to finish. In this match-made-in-heaven of Dancehall and Afropop,  Wizkid sang smoothly to his girl as he referenced lines from Diana King’s “lies”. The track had a simple catchy hook, one that rested easy on the calm beat. He showed a consciousness in being “international” both in sound and lyrics on this one. For a good attempt, I rate this track, 3.5 Star.

African Bad Gyal ft Chris Brown

This energetic track was an aggressive sell for Afropop into Global fronts. With a shameless bang of Local African and Afropop sounds on the track, Wizkid drew American R&B artiste, Chris Brown into a new sound, one that he worked magic on. This track was made for the club and nowhere else, an ultimate dance floor anthem with the heaviest upbeat bang on the Project. A big shout out to Sarz on this track.

Daddy Yo! ft Efya

On this track Wizkid picked a sound from back in the early 2000s – Puerto Rican Reggaeton. On first listen, this track may not be the listener’s favourite but taking note of the right elements of a catchy hook, a dancehall beat and easy lyrics, this track definitely grows on the listener. Efya’s vocals on this track was drowned in audio manipulation, making her relevance on the track barely obvious. It’s a 3 Star on this one.

One for Me ft TY Dolla Sign

Dancehall met R&B on this track, TY Dolla Sign proved himself super talented on this one with his powerful hook delivery. Wizkid sang both in an R&B-esque and his usual Afropop Patwa  style, he switched between both effortlessly. This is musically rich love song with excellent backup, showing an effort to meet up a more international appeal. It’s 3.5 Star rating on this one.

Picture Perfect

Wizkid explored a trap-like R&B vibe on this track and he killed perfectly. This deliberate "International sound" will definitely trap every unsure international fan. With easy and on-point lyrics, he slayed the beat on this track. A totally unexpected style from Wizkid. It’s a 4.5 Star from me. 


On this track Wizkid explored a Reggae/Dancehall sound. This track had fair lyrics delivered in Nigerianized Patwa. Not one the best track on the project but not a bad song after all. On this track, I give Wizkid a 2.5


Sexy will definitely grow  to become a chart topper. With classical afrobeat elements, Wizkid took us back to his old sound, the one that got us falling in love with him. Everything on the song celebrates Africa; from the Lyrics, to the instruments to the general sound. On this one he proved himself a Young Fela and it’s a 4.5 from me.

All for Love ft Bucie

Wizkid takes us to the dancefloor with some South African Afro-house sound and we totally love it. Featuring South Africa’s extraordinary songstress, Bucie he explored this unexpected sound and they both made it come out great. Bucie’s vocals on the track stayed commendable from start to finish. It’s a 3 star from me on this one.

Dirty Wine ft TY Dolla Sign

Not the typical mainstream Nigerian sound, this song will mostly cater to an international audience, having TY Dolla Sign on it proved a great choice. Though Wizkid’s lyrics on this track came out a bit shallow, his flow and the collaborative chemistry between him and TY Dolla Sign made it unignorable. It’s a 3 star from me on this one.

Gbese ft Trey Song

With a somewhat afro-reggaeton sound Wizkid and Trey Song explored an upbeat dancehall sound on this one. The both artistes seemed not to have blended well on the track, there seemed to be a lack of chemistry in delivery, however this is a track anyone tipsy would find helpful on the dancefloor. It’s a 2.5 from me.

Sounds from the Other Side was definitely not made for just the Nigerian market, with versatility in sound and varied choice in featured artistes, the gamble proved itself worthy. This may not be the best from Wizkid but it definitely isn't not his worst.  This project gets a total 4 star rating from me any day, anytime.