Pay Your Rent Monthly


If you are not a house owner or landlord, your problems are basically narrowed down to two; terrible landlords that make house a living hell and or struggling to pay annual rent from your monthly salary; like honestly how do they think it is even possible, by performing magic or being miserly through the year? 

The homes are sourced according to demand. After users make requests on the website, Fibre goes looking for apartments that best match their given criteria. Tenants sign a one-year contracts and they have to pay 25% of the annual fee upfront to get the keys; then pay the balance of  the rent over the next 11 months. 

We started this company because this is one of the biggest problems people in Nigeria face today. Right now, we ask people who earn money monthly to somehow come up with one/two years worth of rent and pay that upfront.

From here are the advantages of getting a home with them: 

// Monthly Payments: No more lump sum 2-year rent payments. With Fibre, you can pay for your home monthly as you earn

// Access Multiple Locations: Moving homes should not be a hassle. Fibre members can move between Fibre locations as their housing needs change

// Living Made Simple: Living in a city can be stressful. Our locations are selected with your convenience in mind

// Advanced User Profile: Create a profile to help us monitor your preferences even before you join us. It's the best way to manage your viewings, track your bookings and get alerts on your favourite locations

And for home owners you might want to stop demanding lump sum rents from your tenants, list your property on this platform that we think has the inherent power to be the future and face of Nigerian housing system. What's in it for you?

// Less vacancies: By allowing our members to pay monthly, Fibre creates a larger pool of suitable tenants for any property, this way your house does not have to stay empty for months or even years.

// Verified tenants: Landlords gain access to thousands of verified tenants, and

// Dependable income: Landlords receive guaranteed periodic rental income

In the US, people are placed into different buckets as a function of their risk level. If you’re a safe bet, you are asked to make a tiny deposit and space out the remainder of your payments over the course of a year. If you are risky, you are asked to make a chunkier upfront payment. In Nigeria however, we effectively assume that 100% of the renters in our market are 100% risky. This is statistically impossible and is making life difficult for a lot of honest and hardworking Nigerians.

Providing feasible solutions to the everyday Nigerian man's problem as well as offering comfortable housing on a platter of piece-by-piece rent payment.