Own a House for 30k monthly


 I literally spent about 3 minutes laughing and just shaking my head vigorously about how the Nigerian government constantly relegates us into the crowd and continuously plays a Kevin Hart on us. 30,000 naira a month to get a house? If you multiply that by 12 months a year, that would be rounded up to 400,000 naira; so in actuality what really is the scheme doing? That's the average house rent on the mainland for about 2-3 rooms. How many people make up to 50,000-100,000 naira that are still looking for houses? Need I say that 100,000 naira in this economy is barely enough for a month.

At the Democracy Day celebrations, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo announced that the Federal Government has earmarked N100 billion for the Family Home Fund under its Social Investment Programme (SIP). 

There is also an aspect of this SIP that has not be mentioned; this is N100bn set aside for the Family Home Fund, our Social Housing Project. The N100bn is a yearly contribution to our N1trn Social Housing fund. This is the largest in the history of the country. The World Bank, AfDB, are contributors to the fund.

From this fund developers of real estates for social housing will borrow 80 per cent of cost of project and counter fund with their own 20 per cent. The same fund will enable us to provide inexpensive mortgages for hundreds of thousands across the country who wants to own homes on their own. Anyone who can afford N30,000 a month will be able to buy a home under our new social housing fund scheme.

With a minimum wage of 18,000, the least they should have for a house is still 30,000? In the Vice-President's words, "anyone earning 30,000 naira can own a house in President Buhari's administration" So I spend all my money on rent and live on God's favour and eat the word daily? Were the masses even considered in this plan, or aren't they tired of clearing able-bodied people from under the bridges and on the road sides? If the aim is really to help, the cost and plan has to be revisited; so even if they made it 10,000 a month with same minimum wage, a person or a family of say 4 persons is expected to survive on 8,000 a month and live in God knows where? The scheme has way too many holes in to be approved, at least here is what affected Nigerian youths with no chill had to say