Outsourcing the Dinner Table

Meal takeouts just got better

Outsourcing has become a big deal in the world today. Companies are frequently adopting it as a means of getting necessary services without incurring additional cost that is synonymous with staff retention. It is a tried and true way of getting expert services without breaking the bank. Even startups are beginning to use it as a model for maintaining expected standards and keeping their company afloat. If you lack the competences in-house, simply outsource it.

The outsourcing model has even filtered into homes, heralding an era of ease for modern day families. From laundry and house-keeping to the “rave of the moment”, cooking prepared meals for working-class moms and professional executives. This trend is melting enshrined perceptions such as “chefs belong to restaurants, hotels and the pampered rich", “cultured girls learn cooking tricks from their mothers and pass on to their daughters”, and “good wives must cook for their husbands everyday”.

People are beginning to outsource their dinner tables to chefs and 'mobile pot' companies. These culinary "wizzes" have taken over a sizable number of homes and whipping up sumptuously irresistible meals. They have become the hottest thing since "boli and epa" {a local delicacy popularly known as roasted plantain and groundnuts}.

The question then is, "what changed?" and "why is this happening now?"

Here are some reasons our in-house team adduced to explain the situation:

Numums: with the number of executive working-class mothers increasing by the day, there is a huge gap waiting to be filled in-homes, especially the kitchen. Chefs sometimes fill this gap for busy-bee executives who are advocates of good food but do not have the luxury of time to whip it up themselves.

Quest for adventure: eating has gone beyond simply filling one’s stomach. People are beginning to get a bit more adventurous with their food. Rice and stew doesn’t cut it anymore, a bit of Chinese or Mexican food is a welcome yum alternative.

Dietary Metrics: for the health conscious and the diabetic, having an in-house chef is the laid back way to have a professional cater for your nutritional needs without having to settle for bad tasting food.

Bye-Bye to Omo Odo (Yoruba name for house-helps): with the rampant sensitization on child labor, most enlightened Nigerians are shifting from employing illiterate, and sometimes underaged domestic staff, to outsourcing to culinary professionals.

Talent Spillover: with the number of chefs increasing by the day, it is only natural for these culinary experts to find other avenues of rendering services other than saturating restaurants and hotels.

Cooking Reality: A few years ago, Nigerian cookery shows followed a simple format of having celebrities cook on-screen. The new normal on TV is a reality menufest where aspiring chefs show off their expertise to, and are adjudged by, professional and celebrity chefs. This is a two-way drive that has brought Nigerian chefs into the lime light and raised a yearning for youths with cooking skills to take their talents further by becoming professional chefs.

Learn how to prepare Afang Soup. Afang Soup is a Nigerian soup prepared with the wild leaves known as Okazi. Afang soup is a classic dish from Cross River and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria.

The Chefie (aka chef lover)

Long slim legs, full dark hair, crimson red lips...that’s definitely not a picture of a true chefie.

A chefie is characterized by their love for good food and convenience. She is the workaholic executive mum fighting hard to climb higher on her organizational ladder. Gets to work earlier than the rest of her colleagues and is usually the last to leave.

They are that couple that like to taste and explore food options, for them, eating is not just about filling the stomach but about that orgasmic feeling when one tastes a masterpiece.

He is that young man that is not keen on eating out but lacks the skill to put together sumptuous meal; she is that nursing mother trying to shed that baby weight without starving herself, they are connected by their love for food.

Trending Places

POT-A-SOUP is a catering service that provides Nigerians with a wide range of delicacies. While its core expertise is local delicacies, it seeks to create and also serve tasty, delicious home-made meals that consists of local soups (Ogbono, Okro, banga) and continental foods (special fried rice, spaghetti bolognese).

NO LEFTOVERS popularly called the moin-moin maker(bean cake maker) has become not only a go-to-place for tasty meals but has taken it to another level by providing soups in bowls for families that would sustain them for a period of time depending on the size of the family.

DOTIMI offers tailor-made soups for executive women. This unique retailer store opened as a restaurant in February this year and has opened our kitchen doors wide open for customers to come taste the meals and then order.


This soupermarket is an alternative to working professionals who desire good meals but do not have the time to make it themselves. Ibom Soups, a benefactor of the Federal Government's YouWIN initiative, offers delivery services to homes and offices and has built the business around consumer preferences - taste, hygiene and convenience.

SOUP LOUNGE is Ofada Boys Incorporated remedy for helping working mothers treat their families to tasty African meals. The Soup Lounge located at Adeniran Ogunsanya in Lagos is poised to re-awaken the availability of Nigerian soup variety to the working class and other lovers of Nigerian indigenous soup delicacies.


From Chefs Freggs to Uche to René and a host of other celebrity chefs, making international and local dishes is like a walk in the park. These chefs subcontract their services to homes working with their preferences in food and dietary needs.

Whether you are employing the services of a chef of have a mobile pot house on speed dial, the convenience outsourcing brings to the table is as tasty as the meals they provide.


  • Outsourcing has being embraced as a necessity by all levels of businesses - SME, mid-sized and larger organizations
  • Businesses that offer services with convenience as a core offering are the new “cool brands”
  • Structure of family lives are changing. Businesses that offer services which helps build the family unit are in high demand