Online Food Service Taps into Consumers’ Lifestyle

Deliverable consumerism; a preoccupation with and an inclination toward the purchase and delivery of consumer goods.

Who would have thought that feasts delicately prepared and aesthetically served would one day be moved about a city in delivery boxes? Gourmet cooking, the dynasty of haute restaurants and chefs has made its way around the city of Lagos. Feasts for refined and unrefined palettes alike are now well within reach.

Owing to popular Lagos ‘go-slow’ (chronic traffic-jams around the metropolis) and the distance of work from home or from preferred dining locations, food delivery services are springing up around Lagos. No longer does the tired wife, bachelor or spinster have to worry about what to eat after a long day at work; food is but a few minutes away.

Hello Food! HelloFood, an online restaurant ordering platform and delivery service has dramatically increased the convenience and choices for foodies when it comes to placing orders for quick meals within your neighborhood.

Consumers can check out available deals being offered by restaurants on the mobile app, search for special meals and food hunts around areas closest to them.

Easy Appetite

The self described "grub-hub"and an online maitre’d for professionals and the adventurous tongue offers customers the one indispensable feature- you can order your meals for delivery at a later date. You can also track your orders – from the moment it is placed/received, to when your order leaves the restaurant. Easy Appetite also boasts of a review system: checking out what other people think of a particular restaurant, meals and sharing yours in return.


The service offers delectable dishes and desserts from a variety of restaurants delivered to homes and offices.