#OnLive: Sorry TV, We've Got Internet


Retro Television Set // Source: turbosquid.com

Retro Television Set // Source: turbosquid.com

For years, people got with television. We love it, and it's our favorite past time - from entertainment to news, comedy, fashion and advertising. TV has become one of, if not the largest platform in the world but due to innovation and evolution and the rapid growth of the digital age, online TV has become a force to be reckoned with. 

On the international scene, Netflix is one of the largest online streaming platforms where subscribers pay to watch movies and TV shows. Netflix is very accessible here in Africa, especially in South region although, it is yet to win the Nigerian audience because here, our online system works a little differently. In Nigeria, we have a lot of online TV stations where people don't pay, but enjoy watching series and shows on Youtube for free. We have RED TV owned by United Bank of Africa (UBA), Accelerate TV owned by Access bank, Ndani TV owned by Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank), YTv by Ynaija, Pulse TV and even most television channels like Channels TV, and Silverbird TV have online versions. The question you might be asking yourself is "why?".

Skinny Girl in Transit; one of the most popular online shows produced in Nigeria.

Due to speed with which the digital scene is evolving, people and brands are making sure they evolve with it. The convenience of being able to watch interesting shows and even on ones mobile phone in a bus heading to or coming back from work or school, cannot be over emphasized. In a country like ours where electricity is an issue and power banks are the most sought accessory, being at home and being able to watch shows on the phone or laptop to keep up with the latest news or episodes and just generally have an interesting past time, is one of the greatest things that have happened to us.

Pulse TV

Online stations and Youtube channels are trends that are really producing in Nigeria for Nigerians. Telecommunication companies are making it easier for viewers, as they now have special and more affordable packages for streaming Youtube videos. These days, the cost of operating and running a TV station or channel is actually quite expensive and that's why people are trooping to the online world. In as muchas online stations are cheaper and more convenient to operate, they still have quite a high level of intricate planning and running and for a young journalist or anyone with bright ideas who feel they have something riveting to talk about, this might be the best option and that's why the online world also gave rise to a phenomenon called 'vlogging' which is short for video blogging.

The vlogging scene is rapidly growing, not as fast here in Nigeria though, but it's growing. From comedy and lifestyle vlogs, to beauty and fashion, vlogging is becoming the easiest way to create amazing content. Although, blogs and websites still remain number 1,  vlogs are new, fresh and might take over.

Akah Bants; a growing Nigerian vlog

Here is the real question. How does this helps brands? 

Brands have a larger platform for advertising, entertainment brands can always reach a wider audience, it's easier for young  writers and producers to create gripping shows and put them online. To top it, when you have a certain number of viewers and subscribers to your Youtube channel, Youtube starts paying you, how sweet is that?

The bottom line is, a lot of people in places like America, the UK and even Australia have made a career for themselves by taking advantage of the huge amount of traffic trooping to the online scene, and with that being easily accessible here in Nigeria, we can also take advantage of this trend and ride it into global domination.

My Best Friend's Wedding; a series on redTV