Nolly or Bolly?


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

The movie making industry in Nigeria commonly referred to as the Nollywood is a catalogue of trends. Nearly the entire African population are movie lovers; little wonder why we practically shut down roads and businesses to join the long queues at cinemas whenever a new movie is released.

In the 19th century when movie viewing wasn’t really a thing (you could argue this because I wasn’t born then and neither were you), the first set of film screened in Nigeria was at the Glover Memorial hall in Lagos in August 1903. The earliest feature film was Palaver which was done in 1926, produced by Geoffery Barkas and was the first to feature Nigerian actors in a speaking role.

Furthermore, in 1972 the indigenization decree was issued by then head of state Yakubu Gowon, which led to a massive boom in the film making industry and after some years this gave birth to one of the biggest block busters in Nigerian history, the Living in Bondage movie, I’m sure Nigerians remember this.

So why am I telling you all of this?

The Nollywood industry has come a long way and has seen tremendous progress. The trend spotted is the eagerness to improve the quality of production. Picture and sound quality has greatly improved, however they have neglected the need for great screen writing.

While conducting a research I asked a couple of people, “If you were asked to choose between watching a Nollywood movie and a Bollywood movie, which would you pick”? A greater number picked the Bollywood movie saying that, both industries have greatly improved in their productions but the story telling in Bollywood is way better than its counterpart. They also added that if story telling gets better in Nollywood they are sure to change that decision immediately.

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