Nike; I Likey


Source: AdWeek

Source: AdWeek

I remember back in the day I had a friend who sincerely wanted to become a writer and he was stalling on picking up the pen due to some thought that he had piled up in his head that he was never going to be good enough, then something happened. We were sitting in my father’s house one day watching television and someone walked in with a pair of shoes and my friend got up and left without saying a word to anyone.

I went to see him the following day and he said to me that he went home to write because he saw something that changed his life. Apparently he had seen three words written on the shoe box which were three words “just do it”. Till this day he loves to write and he wears only Nike.

If you have been paying attention to all of Nike’s just do it campaigns you will realize that this is beyond advertising, it’s about connecting to the deepest parts of people’s mindset, to spark up something. The attention has shifted from just selling but to making giants out of consumers and this will invariably lead to increased sales. People want to know that you just don’t want to take from them but you are willing to give back.

As Nike celebrates its 30th anniversary it may seem that the brand has developed a huge interest in athletes like Colin Kaepernick, Serena Williams and Caster Semenya who have had their fair share of controversy in recent times. Although this move started uproar with the rise of counter hashtag #JustBurnIt but Nike handled it with some style and the #JustDoIt campaign is unruffled.

We like what Nike is doing because they are TINKing. Nike is using their ads to start movements all over the world and it is spreading like wild fire. I’m just waiting for weekend so I can stroll into a Nike store to add to my collection.

This ad was done to inspire Latino women to get the more involved in sports. Now you see what I mean?