Never get Lost again


Not having a car in Lagos is way beyond wondering where your were when your mates were making money. It is the never ending struggles that comes with frequently patronizing public buses. In a public bus, especially in Lagos, you struggle to board, to collect your balance after you must have been vented on in Yoruba and then beg to alight at your destination. This is an annoying continuous cycle. For visitors and new comers, it is way worse. You would not always be able to afford taking Uber frequently or Taxi fare. To make matters worse, asking for directions from Lagosians are tricky, they are usually always in a hurry or skeptical with their many trust issues about the dangers of talking to strangers.

The RoadPreppers team - Samuel Adeoye, Nnamdi Nwanze and Ladi Ojora - have devised a solution to the cries of many. How? Enter, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for public transportation directions and fare quotes. Rather than call on your friend or mom and get disheveld right before an appointment or important event, you can count on Lara to give directions on-demand, 24/7. In a bid to make an unbearable situation a little less stressful; the Application was built with the hopes of replacing both an uncertain human guide and google apps. They also have plans in the works to making everyone's most reliable companion for getting around - beyond Nigeria, and into developing countries.

It was about making public transit directions easily accessible to anyone. Increasingly we found that people have a habit of asking friends, family, colleagues, even strangers for direction when they are heading somewhere unfamiliar. Sometimes they’re lucky and get good directions but often times, they’re not.
“We let our users guide what the next direction for Lara will be. Already we’re getting requests from users to have Lara do a lot more. Most of which are being considered, although not all - you’ll be surprised to learn what people ask a bot to do in private. Nevertheless, our focus is on getting Lara to give accurate directions to her users everywhere, starting in Lagos, and spreading geographically to other cities.

This is undoubtedly a great innovation and should be highly welcomed by tourists and frequent travelers as well being adopted by travel agencies as a way of enhancing their passengers travels. But the downsides however, are unmissable. In the absence of  WiFi, data and a charged phone, how do I get across to lara? For WiFi or Data I would suggest an offline means of communication be made to still enable great user experience while for the issue of phone battery status, physical stands with welcome customer care agents or if feasible according to their plans, a programmable database be available at  bus points, of course this will account for heightened security measures, so, that one can simply go there and enter location and still be updated on bus routes and respective fares. There is also the issue of prices which has to be constantly updated and options for different modes of transportation alongside preferred routes so users are not stuck with an unknown route.

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