Most common photos on Instagram

I am sure that you are fed up with seeing these 10 photos below on just about every of your followers Instagram feed and even your explore page *you can roll your eyes now* So benefit of those who do not know, here they are:

// Nail Art: I think it is rather hard to scroll through a female's Instagram feed and not see at least one photo of her nails, most times it has the shoes in the cut too.

// Bathroom photos: How dare you go to a beautiful public bathroom and not take a photo, how dare you?

// Tall buildings: I guess this one makes you seem like a tourist of some sort

// Feet on the beach: If Instagram allowed live photos not boomerang; we would sure see their toes wiggle before the picture

// Inspirational quotes: Just because everyone wants to low-key be a motivational speaker and seem deep.

// Private Conversations: Nothing is private in this age and time

// Views from a plane: Because they have to know you don't do road transportation

// Food: "put your money where your mouth is"

Do you have any other image that can literally make you scratch your eyballs out because you are tired of seeing them?