Light At The End Of The Customer Service Tunnel


I and my colleagues have legit spent an entire day ranting and being vexed about the state of Nigerian customer service; Like firstly if you do not like your job resign; secondly, if i am paying for a service i am not expecting you to wash my feet with your hair, I just deserve to be treated with basic human regard and a sprinkle of warmness. *ROLLS EYES*

Subomi Owo-Odusi is trying to solve this long standing issue with his new startup,, set up to help consumers get what they deserve from businesses; you report a business or businesses, and they sort it out for you. For businesses, the startup aims to help them improve their brand image, by providing your customers with a platform to complain and simultaneously review your business. Standing as a sort of consumer Insight reserve and re-branding set-up.

Complaining directly is sometimes easy and sometimes can be quite cumbersome and tiring with at times little or no resolution, so the burden of going through the process of complaining and waiting for feedback and constant communications with various customer service reps is taken off you, the consumer!

I know you are probably thinking why not shout the company down in the name of placing your complaint, but truth is no matter how much energy you expend or time you waist, the attend to you at their pace and time. I remember being wrongly debited 5,000 naira and placing complaint after filling too many forms to remember, i got my money back in two months. So this platform is helping eliminate the hassle and maybe they would respond faster to an organisation or fellow professionals, don't you think?

HOW IT WORKS? According to them

// Tell us what happened: Please be detailed as possible and give us any supporting documentation.

// We get to work: We contact the business and pursue a fair resolution for all.

// Issue gets resolved: You get a fair resolution and the business gets a happier customer!

“The promise is to help every consumer push to get the fairest resolutions and negotiations as long as its a legitimate claim. A lot of people do not know their rights and entitlements. For example, if you took a flight and experienced a 5 hour delay because they had logistics issues, you are an innocent victim and deserve compensation. If you took a flight and experienced a 5 minute delay, we would politely decline taking up your case.