Let’s Go NUUD...



What are we wearing all these clothing for if not to look good, so let’s go NUUD this week with ADEBAYO ORISIRISI; the spontaneous unpredictable young designer who wants to take the world one thread at a time.

The FUT-Minna graduate is one who loves to keep fit by spending some time in the gym and playing soccer every weekend, loves good food and can’t be separated from his measuring tape.

He defines the NUUD brand as tailor made; every style is not just supposed to fit the person wearing it, but it’s supposed to accentuate his/her personality. For NUUD it’s not just about making clothes, it’s about designing YOU, which is why they take their time to make designs that’ll turn necks- he said.


NUUD is a testament of hard work and sheer will as there’s a number of challenges especially in the Nigerian fashion market that wants to drown such ventures but the good thing is, tenacity resides’ in the blood.


NUUD is designed to make you feel like the man irrespective of social status- YOU ARE THE MAN ONLY WHEN YOU GO NUUD.

This young versatile designer is inspired by colour, shape, style, and is driven by the will to make you look good and have your outfits leave a long lasting impression in the minds of anyone and everyone who sees you -The NUUD Effect.


Before we spoke to the designer, we were under the impression that the fashion market in Nigeria is super saturated due to the sudden rise of designers on social media and otherwise.

He said that the market isn’t half as saturated as it ought to be as there are over 180 million Nigerians living in Nigeria and there are only a handful of designers who are responsible for the meeting the ever growing demand; everyone needs to look good, so let’s do this.

The mission of NUUD is to cater for every demographics’ clothing need. No matter where you sit, if you go NUUD you’ll step out with the sense of pride that only NUUD can give.