Instagram Live; Taking Social Living to a New Level



Over the past couple of years, Instagram has grown to be the most popular social media network specializing in sharing videos and pictures and we have fallen in love with it, some (like me) have gotten addicted to it, and just like other social Media platforms, Instagram has made it easier for brands, entrepreneurs, bloggers and many more to create awareness and publicity for themselves. 

When they started in 2010 we were happy with just sharing pictures and videos, writing witty or long winded captions *insert eye rolling emoji* because unlike twitter, Instagram doesn't limit the amount of characters you can have in a caption which was interesting considering the fact that Instagram focuses on pictures more than words, that aside, my point is, even though the Instagram we have now is very different from the one we had 6-7 years ago, we still enjoyed it, until updates began and our worlds were made much better.

A limit of 15 seconds of video time was increased to 1 minute, the logo changed and became more sleek, the interface became more friendly and the introduction of Instagram stories made Instagram a force to be reckoned with. Instagram stories made it easier for users to share their day to day or even minute to minute activities with their followers outside of the normal Instagram feed, this made it so much easier for people like photographers who don't show personal images of themselves to let their followers see what's happening behind the scenes, or just anyone who want to share moments with their followers outside their defined Instagram page and an additional perk to this was that each story expires after 24 hours, basically so that users can always put up and view current moments going on with them and the people they follow and even people they don't follow.

The old instagram on the left, and the new on the right

The old instagram on the left, and the new on the right

The biggest competitor of Insta Stories is of course, Snapchat. Snapchat lovers were not impressed by what they called "the insta counterfeit" and I could see where they coming from, after all, the Instagram story phenomena was rumored to have originated from Snapchat, but I, a loyal Instagrammer did not mind one bit and it wasn't just because I have more followers on Instagram than Snapchat *covers face*. 

Just when we were settling into all the Instagram updates, they decided to hit us with another one that left us all in awe, "Instagram Live". Followers can now see immediate, and i mean IMMEDIATE moments happening with you, well, because it's live. This is going to be a great tool for not just narcissists *wink wink* but for also news platforms to see what's going on at that present moment in time, Am I the only one excited here? I don't think so, because as Instagram Live officially launched in Nigeria yesterday, almost everyone on my feed have been sharing their live moments, even the ones i wish hadn't, LOL.


This is not only going to help news platforms, but as we know, most things are moving to social media, as easy as it is to change to a news channel it's even easier to pick up our phones while we're on the go and be right where the action is happening, if that's not cool, then I don't know what is.

This is also going to greatly help entertainment brands in Nigeria bring current events immediately to their viewers. Take for example, a growing entertainment platform who don't necessarily have the equipment to run a studio or are looking for something more fun than a written interview to talk about celebrities, they can always have the celebrity wherever they are and tell their viewers to tune in at  particular time to watch it, interesting right?. Let's think of it as visual radio on social media.

Everyday, Social media is making it easier for brands to grow and if these updates keep coming as fast as they are now, which i know they will, then we can expect a future of amazing innovations and even more creative ways of reaching the viewers/consumers.