Hubs for Millennials


/h∧b/ noun. The effective centre of an activity, region, or network.

Hail the emergence of co-working spaces sprouting in Lagos, these places allow startups, entrepreneurs, and staff of companies’ to work side by side and help to build a community of people chasing different dreams/goals yet under the same umbrella of convenience and of consistency. There are a growing number of entrepreneurs in Nigeria and workspaces and furnishings, known to cost a small fortune, is one of the deterring factors for entrepreneurs; hence, this growing trend of shared spaces is a structural and economic superhero. Clients now expect, and are willing, to pay on occasion for benefits of a fully furnished/structural office.


The very idea of Capital Square is attractive to not just business owners (entrepreneurs), but to regular business people who have an image to uphold to their clients. Suited with meeting and conference rooms which seat 3 and 8 people respectively, work spaces, and tea/coffee on the house, Capital square is a dream come true for Nigerian entrepreneurs and business people who need a convenient and aesthetic place to work and to build a network of people and of businesses which can help their businesses grow.

The focus of Capital Square is in creating a cluster/community of businesses to share ideas, collaborate and subsequently promote economic development in Nigeria.


Enterprise Creative is another membership based co-working space in Lagos. It is set up to build capacity and support small businesses in the creative sector in Nigeria. The hub also offers business support, information, training, and professional development to aspiring, emerging and established creative  professionals and entrepreneurs.


Located in what is today termed the Sillicon Valley of Nigeria, Co-creation Hub is home to majority programmers and startup companies. Described as an open living lab for technologists, CCHub is fertile ground for entrepreneurs, investors, tech companies and hackers in and around Lagos to network and share ideas.