How Social Media Can Help Your Business


The Millennials who pretty much rule major facets of the world spend a lot of time on social media according to Mediakix, and there are statistics to support that statement; here are over a billion people using Facebook, over 700 million that use Twitter and over 100 million that use Instagram.



If you are not yet in the know, social media has slowly become the backbone of many successful business today. To mention just one reason, the cost of marketing that will be incurred in trying to advertise a good would not be necessary with a large following/customer base on Instagram and just a single post or a number of posts if necessary. Truth also is, social media reaches way more people than any marketing team possibly can; and it takes little to no effort and time, right in the comfort of your home or in the walls of your office. How can Social media help you sell your products, you ask?

1. Customer Insight: 

First off all, before your business should have been established and registered; your consumer base must have been sorted out and decided. Next step is to choose a social media platform that would be relevant to selected consumer base. For example, if you own a pop culture brand that makes t-shirts and caps, except you are gifting you mom and dad, parents are not a good consumer base choice; so your target consumers should be youths and probably teenagers, so you are looking primarily at Instagram and YouTube. 

Analytics can be launched to find out more about your customers, Where do they live?, What do they do? What are their interests? This way you can constantly developing more products and improving your needs to suit their interests and gain more like minded consumers.

2. Content Creation:

Creating content which by the way should be largely original than copied, is a very important part of a business; and it often should be based on customer insight; no need selling computer software packages to a practicing medical doctor. Also create content relevant to their needs and immediate environment; and be sure to let it be engaging as to ensure responses and conversations.

3. Advertising/Marketing:

"Everything Is Packaging" As much as you want to create original content, sell your company and what you do in every piece or post made, in other words create sellable content, allow your post do all the talking for you, so even if you need to have a conversation with your customer it'll be to ask for price and delivery time.  

4. Networking

Regularly create content that help raise brand awareness and aid networking, which in turn helps you reach endless number of people interested in your brand. Networking is key for growth, so your aim should be relating to similar brands ( that are ahead of you but not necessarily) and putting heads together to accelerate each others development.

Social Media Week, Lagos kicked off today and is presenting masterclasses. lectures, seminars and open discussions around Social Media and its impact in today's Africa and Nigeria. See you guys there.