Heels For Babies?


Even I as an adult would not wear heels unless it is an event that calls for proper dress up, and even then, I have a back-up slippers in my bag. Babies hate shoes or any clothing really, as they constantly throw fits and tantrums until it hopefully comes off. So why heels? Why rush their growth process? Letting them play in their mom's over-sized pumps is cute not having them tap their shoes at you impatiently.

This Pennsylvania-based company, Pee Wee Pumps, started selling high-heeled shoes for infants in 2014 touting that "they're just like mom's favorite pair of pumps only in a miniature size." The shoes, which retail for $10, come in a variety of colors (including leopard and zebra print) and cutesy names, like "Diva" or "Pretty in Pink."

I have several concerns, Is it safe, does it have a grip against falling, how will the soft feet survive if the material is not proper and breathable? 

Pee Wee Pumps founder Michele Holbrook was quick to respond to concerns that the shoes may be unsafe "The shoes are actually made of cotton. They're a soft-soled shoe ... they're actually nothing more than a slipper." She also explained that the heel collapses so that there's no danger to the baby's foot. The company only makes them for babies younger than 6 months old because they're not intended to be worn by any child of walking age. While the backlash has been strong, other parents say they understand Holbrook's initial intention. "They are absolutely adorable," wrote one reviewer on Amazon. "They are made very well and the case they came in added to it."

While the creator thinks it is just for fun and a totally adorable idea; I think it is unneccessary, let a child be a child.