Hail Mary... The Catholic App for Confessions & Mass



It is stressful enough for catholics that when you sin against God, you have to wait through the day either through traffic or round up your daily 9-5 before you go for confession or even attend masses; so “The Catholic App” is nothing short of a revolution. A Scottish Archbishop, Archbishop Leo Cushley of St Andrews and Edinburgh, announced on Tuesday, November 22, 2016,  the launch of a new smartphone and tablet app that might just may have solved that problem and more and brought you a million miles closer to your religious practices without hassle.

layout of the catholic app

layout of the catholic app

The app helps users find the nearest and soonest confessional, Holy Mass, and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. According to Archbishop Cushley, the idea for the app was inspired by Pope Francis, who had called on the church at the start of the just concluded Jubilee of Mercy, to bring the mercy of God to modern society by means of modern communications; and hopes that the app would impact how the Catholic Church delivers the mercy of God and the joy of the gospel to the contemporary world.


“He (Pope Francis) said to be imaginative about what to do for the Holy Year of Mercy,” Cushley told the Vatican Radio. The app which is expected to go live in early 2017, will be launched in conjunction with Musemantik, a tech company in Edinburgh, Scotland.


The Catholic App

The Catholic App


Here are some of the ways the app is set to benefit the Catholic Church and its members:

// Increase attendance of mass, and confession in a diocese.

// Guides users to the nearest and soonest holy mass and confession with the tap of a button

// Help younger Catholics, particularly age 18 to 55, to be more engaged in a local diocese, as they most utilize smartphones and tablets.

// Users can plan their visit to mass or confession days beforehand

// Get local diocesan news on the app.

// Provides users with valuable statistics about when and where confession and mass are needed most across a diocese

// Find a local parish and view all other local parishes on an interactive map; and all of these can be done without internet access.


Dr Maciej Zurawski, founder Musemantik (creator of the app), added: “Websites are losing popularity – what is needed to engage with the mobile generation is an app that is smart and personal, an app that is like a companion, a friend that takes the initiative to inspire you – that’s the vision behind the Catholic App.”

Archbishop Cushley

Archbishop Cushley

Sindr which is the world’s first world's first interactive GPS-powered “confession finder”, will be available for download at www.thecatholicapp.com

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