Guardians of Popculture


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Blazing trails, going viral and setting new trends is beyond buzzwords, it’s a way of life –a culture, Popculture and like everything else; it ought to be protected. I know quite a number of people who are always concerned about going viral and starting a new trend but for the past number of years, they have hardly gotten a good enough number of shares on any platform at all. This just goes a long way to show that popculture is beyond having a smart phone and putting witty lines or activities together.

In my opinion, there are three tiers that uphold Popculture and I’ll walk you through each one.

Tier 1 –The Entertainer

These are the uninvited guests that we allow into our homes with open arms. They are always on our TV screens, radio speakers, social media pages, in fact, you see them when you ride the bus on posters, billboards and more –thanks to the second tier which I’ll explain soon. For example; one of Africa’s biggest popculture icon, Wizkid, started a new trend with his new video “Fever” and as a result, he has everyone asking for stew (if you know, you know).

Tier 2 –The Marketer

It’s not enough for the entertainer to put out great content, it’s necessary for a good marketer to take that content and make it sellable. First off, the marketer starts by ensuring the content is put out, using all the right channels and then finds a way to milk the trend by creating other products which transcends music and delves into other fields e.g fashion, politics, lifestyle and so on.

Tier 3 –the Brand

This I sometimes think should be tier 1 because a chunk of money made by entertainers and marketers come from here but I think it sits perfectly here, because if entertaining content isn’t marketed properly the brand may not see such venture as viable, therefore stifling the growth of popculture.

Anatomically; the entertainer is the brain of popculture, the marketer is blood, and the brand is the spine.

In a nutshell, if you takeout these three tiers then we shall no longer have popculture. Plus they complement each other as they are an integral piece of a mighty jigsaw puzzle.