Go Lite or Go Home


A wise man once said “if you want to survive in business and stay afloat for a very long time, you must adopt a pragmatic approach to clients” –meaning, one size doesn’t always fit all. At the time, I didn’t understand it because I was barely fifteen and didn’t know why the heck he was telling me this, but over the years I have learnt to adopt a pragmatic approach when I make new leads and it’s been working good so far. By the way, if you are wondering who the wise man in my story is, worry no more because I don’t know him. I met him while we were both waiting at a bus station and for some reason he felt the need to tell me that, not bothering if I understood the meaning of the word “pragmatic”.

In this article I shall describe to you the meaning of that word using a trend that’s “lite-ing” up the social media space.

In 2017, a Statista report states that there are over 2.46 billion unique social media users, and it is estimated to reach 2.77 billion by 2019. How mind blowing is that? A little over quarter the world’s population. Interestingly, the World Wide Web went 2.0 not very long ago with social media and this shift has disrupted every facet of the world. I am certain that you reading this article right now are also on social media but here is the thing…

Social media is experiencing a new trend and it is designed to fix the problem of highly expensive or slow mobile data and less powerful android devices. In many countries, largely in Africa, leading social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Skype and so on have launched their lite versions. Everyone is going lite, I call it the version for Africa as it consumes less data and it is phone internal memory friendly, especially if you are using the lower end android devices as is the case for many in Nigeria.

So what next are we to see with this trend?

We are set to see every other social media and other heavy web 1.0 sites launch lite versions. There was a time when websites didn’t think they needed mobile applications until the trend hit the space, now virtually every site has an app. That is likely to be the case with the lite trend, websites upon being designed will start to factor in the curation of both mobile apps and lite versions simultaneously.