Get Schooled


Being on a scholarship program was and will always be a big deal, only now it is not just for the fun of the extra cash, it is actually helping give children a future after-all. Scholarships are a major saving grace in a country where even getting into a supposed noteworthy  college is done by a popular method tagged "who know who". This means all you have to either do is have a a rich or influential parent and the rest they say is history. The high cost of education, poor teaching ethics and low admission quota are making it almost impossible for people who are not privileged or rich to get quality education in Nigeria. Scholarships are a great way to try to even the playing field.

Last year, ScholarX, an app designed to help Nigerian students both home and abroad access available scholarships because of the high cost of university education, was launched. The app allows many Nigerian students access to a verifiable platform to find credible scholarship information that can assist them in getting standard education.

ScholarX was founded by Abolade Lawal, Abayomi Johnson and Maxwell Ogunfuyi and between the three of them. With a mission statement "To ensure that Nigerians can access top quality education on any level worldwide"; ScholarX is helping curb low levels of educational participation in the country which is unavoidably fueled by high cost of education, poor state of educational facilities and system. The application offers credible schorlaship information that places you on the path to quality education. 

It is an App designed to help Nigerian students both home and abroad access available scholarships because of the high cost of university education. After downloading the App from Google Play store, Users create an account using email address or phone number, then they select the following parameters: Gender, State, Institution, Faculty, Course, CGPA, and Click FIND....and it automatically gives the list of Scholarships that matches their qualification.

Helping curb the number of uneducated youths in Nigeria and ensuring a brighter future them and simultaneously the nation as a whole, this app is a key player in the Nigerian education system and also serve as a compulsory youth initiative.