Free Youtube viewing in Nigeria


So I made a switch to 9MOBILE (formerly known as Etisalat), and since that I've had the best browsing experience, but that is asides the point. My service provider about a week started sending me prompts upon my data subscription that i can view videos for free on YouTube from 1am-5am; wait, what??? As a typical Nigerian and a lover of "awoof"- (free things or things gotten as a subsidized rate), I began saving videos to watch later, sadly from 1am is the only time my adult self can take a rest. Can it be earlier?



Right after Google took ownership of YouTube in 2006, it has been one innovation after another; currently, Nigeria and India are the only countries who have the access to YouTube Go, users in the aforementioned country can now download any video in a range of different resolutions so that they can watch it later without an Internet connection, this is simply an offline version of YouTube to aid in cost and usage of data. Nigeria's population of about 93 million with corresponding high cost of data, does not better the ease that should be streaming videos on the platform.

Also Lagos Street View was launched as well; an imagery of 10,000 kilometers of Lagos roads, including Eko BridgeCarter Bridge and the National Museum, are now available on Street View. This comes after the addition of more than 100,000 small businesses to Google Maps. Furthermore in the line of development and innovations; Google is set to launch Google Impact Challenge in Africa in 2018, the challenge involves visitsto  regions across the world asking locals to share innovation that could help their communities and beyond. The winners will get a grant of $5 million to develop the concept.

We ask nonprofits from around Africa to nominate the best ideas and we allow local people to vote for what they think is the best idea. Nongovernmental organizations nominate themselves and people get to vote and choose where the funding goes to.

In addition, to these new innovations, Google has made a commitment to train 10 million people over the next five years in Africa; E fit be you o! "I am really excited we are committing to train 10 million people over the next five years in Africa," said Pichai.

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Google will also launch a partnership in September with Japanese mobile manufacturer Freetel to provide 13,000 Naira (about $40) Android phones for the country, Caesar Sengupta, vice president of product management.