Forever A 90's Kid


Before you get all excited and dig into this article, we are all old now guys, everyone of us. I am hopeful we are all were we planned to be as we wrote in our little diaries back in the days. well I am just here single and searching for bae. So as a proud member of the 90's gang, I have gone ahead to create a list of things that were somewhat unique in our times. If you can't tick off at least five off the list then consult your birth certificate...

Water Gun:

If you didn't have this especially as a boy, I'm pretty sure you must have bogged your parents out with the request. The best moment I have of this are those pretend plays we acted where there was a mom and dad, with children and then a thief comes in with this gun and just wets our clothes, and we pretend to be dead. Fun times!

2. Canvas with lights

The entrance you made with this shoes, if you think back on it, you know it was everything! Some even came with music tunes too, so it's like they have to know when you step in.

3. Old #5 and #10 notes

Chances are, if your parents ever gave you 50 naira, you know how high you held your shoulders through the day and how you probably just to wave the money for all your friends to see rather than buy "goody goody" or "coloured ice-cream."

4.Water Game:


The joy this game gave cannot be compared to the joy PS4 gives. Alright ! Don't come for me, but this had all our hearts for the longest time.

5. Cutina

I solely believe this shoe was created because African parents hated having to spend money on new shoes, you can literally wear it all tnrough five/six years of your primary education. I remember trying to purposely spoil mine by entering water and mud, but luck was on my mom's side.

6. Long white socks/ankle socks with flowers

This was the big boys and girls signature socks, if you were feeling a bit fresher than usual you roll it or fold it down just a bit. Remember?

7. Onward Exercise book

I made my mom buy me one everyday and I proudly displayed my stack of new exercise book on my desk in school. Please don't judge me! And if your mom likes to keep old stuff, you can still find one of yours lying around the house in a book bag or 'ghana must go'.

8. Cabin Biscuit/Pako biscuit

Who can remember paco biscuit? they were extremely hard biscuits that were square shaped and that my mom gave us to school as punishments! You had to either struggle for minutes to chew it or if you are lucky chew it with your Capri-Sonne. Then of course there was cabin biscuit (I preferred Yale because it was sweeter). It felt like Christmas whenever my mom decided to butter it for us and pack up for school. Now they take 'bobo or viju'.

9. New General Mathematics Textbook

Because I was too much of a nerd I loved this textbook with all my heart and would rather stay back in class and solve questions than go for short or long break. I know most of you dreaded this book as much as " understanding mathematics" but NO! I don't sympathize with you.

So did I miss anything? Feel free to to comment and add to the list below.