Shame on men and women alike that think that women should be able to cook everything, also why women alone cooking in the first place? (i'm not a feminist). The problem comes in when there is an unwillingness to learn, so in need of an extra tip on how to make your puff-puff or abacha; follow these accounts below and feel free to send us a "thank you" e-mail or handwritten letter later on.

Dobby’s Signature is a Nigerian culinary and Lifestyle blog focused on showcasing Nigerian dishes, Exploring Traditional/continental food recipes and Flavors with strong emphasis on Photography, Diversity, Vibrant colors and Health benefits

Iquo Ukoh, the founder of the blog trained as a dietitian at The University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She has a work portfolio that boasts of a 30-year-experience with one of the world's biggest food multinational companies, developing recipes for the Nigerian woman.

My inspiration for this blog is to share food experiences and other tidbits around food and health that will help you create variety and excitement and maintain sensible healthy lifestyle.


Dooney’s Kitchen is about redefining and promoting Nigerian food. It aims to give Nigerian food the identity that it deserves. For too long, Nigerian food has hidden under the umbrella term “African food”, and it is a term we at Dooney’s Kitchen strongly disagree with. Although similarities abound with, like you will find in countries across Europe and Asia, but distinct cuisines also exist on those continents, like French, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Indian, etc and that is what we are striving to do with Nigerian food. Decades from now, Nigerian cuisine will stand proudly, recognised as a unique entity of its own.


I’ve evolved in distinct phases – like the butterfly. I am flighty. I am constantly seeking…. content with my life but still in search of more. I am big on combinations – cross-pollinating and cross-fertilisation. I’m big on flavours and textures. I love pretty. And colour.
Great food for great people


Sisi Yemi is a food and lifestyle blogger, who happens to be a mom, wife and mother.

I’ve always been very passionate about writing but it never occurred to me to start a blog before now, though I was always nudged by friends to do so. My passion for cooking and developing recipes began earlier this year. I recently changed jobs and I’m allowed to work from home most times. Not being used to staying at home all day, I got really bored and decided to spruce up my cooking skills to while away time, well, let’s just say I became utterly obsessed with cooking. I took to posting photos of foods I’d prepared on Facebook and Instagram, consequently, friends and followers began to implore me to start blogging so they could keep up with recipes, After several persuasions, I finally decided to marry my two passions; cooking and writing.
Eating through the struggle so you don’t have to