Food X Fashion


We create exquisite sustainable fabrics from citrus juice by-products that would otherwise be thrown away, representing hundreds of thousands of tons of precious resources. We envision a new life for these materials, transforming them into refined, ethereal fabrics perfectly suited to the Italian tradition of high-quality fabrics and high fashion.

You know, so i feel dumb thinking that the only synergy I thought food had with fashion was you know dressing up nicely to food fairs and you know fashionable chefs and all that fancy stuff, don't roll your eyes or judge me. Salvatore Ferragamo would now forever go down in history ad a fashion brand that not only rolls out nicely from the tongue and does not cater to every societal class, but as a brand that combined food and fashion in its clothing production; so you no longer have to eat your fruits alone, you can now wear them too. 

Because in the midst of glitz and glam, the environment deserves to be sustained alongside natural resources, it was with this school of thought that Salvatore Ferragamo teamed up with an Italian company Orange Fiber that produces fabrics from citrus juice by-products that amount to more than 700,000 tons every year in Italy alone, its  Spring/Summer 2017 capsule collection features remarkable prints by Italian designer Mario Trimarchi. 

The project reflects ethical values linked to research on sustainability and renewable sources, destined to become the driving force for the future of high-quality Made in Italy fashion.

It does not come at an affordable price ($830 for an orange fiber cardigan) for the middle class that is, every brand has a target market, what it does have prospects to do is however interesting, as more and more brands are buying it creating environmentally sustainable fashion products, if this goes on which we hope it would in terms of brand innovation, fashion will become at the helm of affairs of creating an environment with safe living conditions.