There are no instant 6 pack abs; 6 pack abs do not come in bottles, in miracle pills or in any other form for that matter. Staying healthy and keeping fit many times is a communal effort because it takes real work, determination and persistence. These words are but a few of our least favourite descriptors when our fitness or state of health is called to question. Working out or dieting, while not entirely new in this part of the world has surfaced on an insistent wave which by all accounts is sweeping many in its wake.

Celebrities and mortals alike are riding on this fitness and healthy-eating wave. It is already hard for some people to shed those extra pounds due to time and motivation; but, are you aware that the colour of your skin (race) could also be an obstacle in losing weight or in maintaining a healthy balance? Illustrated in a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine found that women (especially) of African ancestry have to work harder than women of other races to lose weight, and are therefore, more susceptible to illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and are at higher risk of heart failure.

Certain businesses in Nigeria today help different people with varying challenges ranging from obesity, to workout routines/regimens to dieting and healthy eating/living. A few are of these are herein profiled:

So Fresh Market NGSo Fresh Market NG was created as a result of a need for fresh and accessible fruit in the surburbs of Lagos. Many people dissatisfied by the status quo –inaccessibility of fresh fruit on demand welcomed So Fresh Market NG in delight.

Growing from a fruit and vegetables provider, So Fresh Market NG has grown to become the number one and go-to-source for everyone looking to live clean and eat healthy. This is because So Fresh Market NG evolved its business plan or reach to include delivery of salads and smoothies and other healthy meals which help those who do not have the time to prepare salads or other health meals for themselves but who would like a healthy balance, live clean and or diet.

The response towards so fresh market has been great so far and may result in the growth of other independent healthy food chains and marts.

Eights and Weights Total Health, Live longer and Better Eights and Weights blogs about and reviews healthy diets. A recipe as well as directions for preparation is also provided for the adventurous/clean eating food enthusiast. Eights and Weights also provides followers of the blog exercise challenges. An example is the just concluded 30 day plank challenge. Planking is a strength building/core body toning exercise, which involves getting down and into the push up position, but resting on your elbows with your body length parallel to the ground. You are also welcome to partake of the advised workout routines and yogi exercises to help shape your body and mind.

MYFITNESSPAL Fitness apps may help a lot of people keep up with their workout routines or diet plan. MyFitnessPal is a free calorie counter and the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database with over 5 million foods! MyFitnessPal helps interested persons “simply keep track of the foods you eat. Gimmicky machines and fad diets don't work, so we designed a free website and mobile apps that make calorie counting and food tracking easy.”

MyFitnessPal has garnered a good number of positive reviews,

It's easier than you think

My trainer recommended MyFitnessPal to me, but I was concerned that is would be too time consuming and difficult to use...But it’s easy! After a few days, it’s just a couple of clicks and you’re done! If you’re serious about fitness or weight loss or eating better, MFP is an excellent way to keep you in check and on track.
— Christiana C.

Health and fitness is a global issue, hence, platforms or businesses which tackle this problem head-on and are beneficial to the lives of people have a real and monumental chance at success.


  • Morphing technology into personal solutions empowers people to manage their health over a lifetime. A more proactive model of health helps consumers better track their fitness levels, understand their behaviour’s and encourages them to make better lifestyle choices.