Finally! An African-Inspired Emoji Keyboard


Emoji like music is a universal language, and for the longest time it has been a uniform cry of black women of the lack of representation via emojis. Thanks To Chinyere, Chioma and Chizoba Ugowke; we can now boast of something other than Jollof rice. We now have our very own first emoji keyboard, Afreekmoji. The app is available on apple store and google play store, spotting characters rich in African culture; from Afro's to Ankara materials, Africa is being properly represented and once again our culture is being disseminated and preserved. So if you have ever wanted an Afro emoji to go with that perfect picture of your twist out; calm down and go download the app.

AfreekMoji is all about positivity and sharing the African culture with pride, we want to help people identify with their heritage

Ever heard of a clothing line called "Dashiki Pride"? Well it is an international African rooted inspired clothing business; so Yes! they've been carrying Nigeria's Flag proudly through entrepreneurship.  Born and raised in Aba, Nigeria, Aged 22 and 21-year-old (Chinyere and Chioma are twins), these three sisters have been on the journey and have achieved great feats in the world of entrepreneurs. Featuring over 60 emoji's, i see it becoming a black girls number one favourite app as expression via keyboard and texts just got a whole lot easier!

Going for only 425 Naira ($0.99) and accounting for about 50,000 downloads, I am excited to affirm that this app is the next big thing and it also this app has more African ties than the acclaimed black emoji app built by apple a few years ago.

We, as Africans, definitely have a distinctive way of communicating with one another, and Afro Emoji is a fun, graphic depiction of that. We are building a modern African hieroglyph that represents us.

Hey blackfolks! There is an app that celebrates your cultural heritage and makes your texting more fun. Go download.