Female Power


Is it just me or are women beginning to delve into every facet of the economy. So I took a trip to a couple of countries in Africa this season just to spot a few trends and live amongst my brothers and sisters across the continent before heading on back to Nigeria. On getting back, I was stunned. The trend I am about to reveal has been subtle as women were practically creeping in but right now I think they are taking the bull by the horn and taking over.

There’s been a large influx of women into the transportation sector in Nigeria. Now the major modes of transportation across Nigeria are buses and tricycles. Ladies have taken up the task of driving and conducting these automobiles. Before now, it was seemingly a masculine thing but now the hardworking African woman has shown that there’s nothing too difficult for her to handle.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

The reasons for this influx are due to the need to generate income as many of these women are the bread winners of their homes, also the share zeal to show that they too are strong enough and other reasons that are unknown to me.

What’s this all about?

Well, it goes to show that Nigeria is a firm believer in the women inclusive policy, that all the feminist movement around the world is gaining recognition everywhere, and also shows that there’s no telling what the African woman can achieve if she puts her mind to it.