Fall Out of Affection


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This is likely a total fall out; it has nothing to do with Tom Cruise Mission Impossible but here, we are asking a salient question about the lost love for the beard gang. Where did the gang go? There was a time when every young man seemingly wanted to be a part of the gang as many flooded into the group by grooming their beards to an obvious proportion.

However there are still a number of people expressing undying allegiance to the gang as they have tried to keep the trend alive.

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Yes there’s that group but there’s also the anti-beard gang; the group of those who believe in keeping a clean shave or grooming minimal stubble.

Image Source: Pexels

Following a 2017 U.K.-based study which polled 1,500 men the following were found:

• 47% of bearded men admitted to cheating on a significant other, compared to 20% of clean-shaven men

• 45% of bearded men admitted to enjoying being involved in a fist fight, compared to 29% of clean-shaven men

• 40% of bearded men admitted to stealing something, compared to 17% of clean-shaven men

The shocker came from the results asking women how attractive they found bearded men.

65% of women said they preferred their man clean-shaven.

With the stats you just read, you decide which side of the fence you want to sit. Just note that we are at the brink of seeing a new trend, the Clean-Shave Gang. Men are going to lose their hair for this one.

If you disagree with this, kindly leave us a note in the comment box below stating why you think differently.