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With the advent of online shopping came both ease and pain - the elimination of stress of going to physical markets and then the lack of self control when you just keep placing orders, because it is not tasking. Now, take some time to imagine ordering for those shoes that you've had to save for months to purchase and you get rewarded. It sounds to good to be true, we know! 

CEO and Founder John Cornelius McCaskill is setting the entrepreneurship pace in both online shopping and food business; the Oklahoma based company, which launched earlier this year has answered the secret cry of every consumer by rewarding you for the stress of grocery shopping. How? Grocery shoppers are connected to their favorite apparel and beauty brands in three easy steps:

 // Grocery Shop and Keep One Receipt for the Month!

-You are only required to submit one receipt to gain access to the rewards. Any grocery chain as well as local will suffice. Date and location address must be visible.

-When additional rewards are available we will automatically update them for you, unless otherwise notified.

-One receipt unlocks the rewards, you do not need to submit multiple receipts unless there is an error with the first submit. 

-The Date Must Be In the Current Month to Redeem the Rewards.

// Submit the receipt here on the website and the rewards will be issued through your email;  allow time for verification and delivery of ordered goods.

-If an error occurs with your receipt, we will email you explaining exactly what you need to do.

-If the error is on our side, contact them and will resolve is promptly. 

//  Save Money and Earn Special Deals with Your Favorite Apparel and Beauty Brands!

-You will have special promotions, deals, and exclusive offers rewarded to you.

-We are looking for fun, energetic, and amazing brands to reward you!

-Share with friends, enjoy your rewards, and make the most out of your next grocery trip! Have fun!! =)

Source:   Rewardance.com
The biggest realization came when I would travel to multiple grocery stores and noticed regularly that many of the guests seemed irritated. As a curious individual I started to seek why these guests seemed irritated every time they grocery shopped. Some common irritations were: Limited lines available, congested aisles, felt more like a chore, and the crowdedness. I truly empathized and realized that these shoppers were regular, hard working people with everyday lives, barely getting off their jobs, school, or other required duties. While I can’t control what happens inside of the store, I can certainly control what happens after. I’m dedicated to rewarding their efforts.
CEO and Founder John Cornelius McCaskill

CEO and Founder John Cornelius McCaskill

Taking a much patronized activity today, online shopping, and putting a perfect ribbon on the gift that it is and allowing consumers to get rewarded while they shop, is a much welcomed step in the right business direction. What this idea by John is, is a classic example of Consumer insights positively propelling marketing and advertising which will in turn increase sales and build loyal and happy customers. 

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