EbiraLand: Nowhere else is Arsenal so celebrated



It has been discovered that for a decade and one,  five local government areas in Kogi state, Nigeria gather to celebrate amidst fanfare arsenal Day, a two-day celebration of Arsenal football club EbiraLand.

According to Ilyas Abdulsalam, the helms man of Arsenal fans club Ebiraland, "Our reason to mark Arsenal Day is to celebrate the English club and its players."

Despite the trophy Premier League Trophy drought that the Gunners have been experiencing since 2004, these group of fans has not ceased to hold this celebratory event on a yearly basis since then. Organisers of the event revealed that Arsenal Day was inspired by the Gunners record breaking unbeaten run in the 2004 season. 

The EbiraLand fan club, which was founded 12 years ago, has 16,000 registered members made up of 22 subgroups, of which three are specifically for women. Each event witnesses thousands of fans in their red and white jerseys singing songs, dancing and eating together, capped with slices of Arsenal themed cake.

Abdulsalam confesses his difficulty in calculating the exact number of last year's Arsenal Day attendance with 9,000 seats filled and so many standing. He went on to say that despite the fact the London-based club has not won a Premier League trophy since 2004, it has taught all of them an important lesson which is the value of tolerance. 

"We've been expecting a trophy from the team and we've not been getting it but we're very patient and our patience had cropped up a proverb in our area which goes thus; "If you're an Arsenal fan you can never divorce your wife and if you can stick with Arsenal with no trophy you can learn how to tolerate."