E-Life: Bringing Online Opportunities Your Way

We have come to an age where life has transformed to another realm. It’s no longer physical and as such is different from our physical life. We have virtual offices so different from the physical, it needs no physical space or furniture to make it come alive. Many people have found their way on to this life due to social influence or business but not all really know how to act in that life. They also don’t know the benefits associated with the life thinking it’s only about chats and making friends. Few actually find out benefits that e-Life generously offer especially for FREE!

Let’s go back a little to the first benefit of e-Life. I made so many foreign friends since I started my forage into the online world with yahoo personal, friends that I still have till date, met some but others are still online…na, it wasn’t about the friends it was my project. My final year project in 2004 was made possible with ‘Google’. Yeah believe it, GOOGLE. I understood so early that I did not have to be limited by my school environment and physical documents so I dived to a bigger idea which my supervisor thought I could not achieve as it was an offshoot of what he did for his master’s program, abroad – there he had all the books and documents needed, books not readily available to us in Nigeria. I told him, he should let me get through the literature review then he can decide if I didn’t have enough research material and he agreed. I did, Google helped me a-lot as my topic was in dance and dance is not a subject we know much about in this country but a passion I pursued and majored in (yeah I can dance o, but not for free lol).

Now, let’s come back to the present. How has E-life influenced you? We read stories as they hit in real time, all over the world, we do business with foreigners, exchange deliverables and never get to see each other physically. Like I work as a Copy Consultant to Tag Worldwide. I do not even know what their office looks like or even the height of my contact. I only relate with them via social media, mails and calls. I get my pay and they get their job. How cool is that? Super cool if I must say.

We all are online for various reasons, but if you are not online to advance yourself then you are wasting your time. I believe we all need each other for one or more of the following reasons – its either physical, emotional, mental or financial. Now I am going to share another exciting plus I have gotten so far online that will benefit you if you are a writer like myself.

As a writer (and this is for every writer), I try to express myself as much as possible on every media I find and then I stumbled on a trending group on twitter called @fridayphrases now if you are a writer you must visit even their web page www.Friday-phrases.com as you read other writers short and inspiring notes, stories, quotes and poems shared only on Friday. Imagine another tag called #sixwords also on twitter and you get inspired by what you read but #FP is the bomb, both tags brew your imagination, taking you to the god of creativity muse; I never miss a Friday if I can (lol).

The newest trend for writers who want to get published, i.e first timers, is by Amazon and it’s called Kindle Scout. Now…

Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. Selected books will be published by Kindle Press and receive 5-year renewable terms, $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, easy rights reversions and featured Amazon marketing’ – Amazon

It’s a cool idea with a little disadvantage; only Americans can submit and vote. I however, still encourage writers who can meet the criteria to post their work, as it’s an open opportunity that can get you noticed. You have 30 days to get your book noticed by votes and Amazon pays you $1500 dollars to publish, promote and sell your eBook for you at which you get paid rewards and a renewal fee if it’s still demanded for after a 5 years contract period, all for nothing. We hardly have the advantage over here to get our books published without spending our own money as we do not have book agents that do that so this looks like a good opportunity for us if we meet the criteria.

As I rightly said, just like your physical life, your e-Life should be building you too and it has more advantage than the physical. It is cheaper, available at your fingertips and richer. So go online and get busy.