NO!...Don't Download That App


Well, at least not that one; social media today has successfully replaced relationships, physical human interactions, and fueled a façade as regards personality and self-esteem; people, especially teenagers and sometimes youths, build their life around likes and comments on their posts, now don’t get me wrong it is totally cool to be social media famous, but do you still have a life when you data is turned off or totally exhausted? Can you hold engaging conversations outside WhatsApp and bbm? If you are not able to put your whole life on snapchat, would you still enjoy and live in the moment? I’m guessing you’re saying no and your mind is saying yes, so there you have it.



A study by Social Times revealed some hard facts about social media;

-          Tweeting or texting while driving slows your reaction time by 38%, which is more than drinking or smoking pot.

-          45% of people feel worried or uncomfortable when not able to access their social networks.

-          66% of people have difficulty sleeping after using social media.

-          64% have accepted a friend request from a stranger.

-          46% women are “highly concerned about letting a stalker know where they are.

-          41% are “aware or extremely concerned” about letting potential burglars know when they are not at home.

-          Turning off mobile phones and avoiding the internet can leave people suffering from symptoms similar to those seen in drug addicts trying to go “cold turkey”.

Youths actively engaged on social media

Youths actively engaged on social media

Truth is, if you get sucked into the hype of social media, you would get lost, imagine something that started out as a good idea has turned into a sad sorry state of affairs. What started out as a platform for connection and networking has become a vicious ground for competition, and a lot of other vices. It should not be that deep but then you have people paying a lot of money that can be rightly spent growing their businesses, to buy followers and likes and the same people create a post and do thank you to all my followers, wow! The same ones you bought? Even a lot of businesses in the search for ambassadors, look at social media following and base their decisions on an account that took loads of planning to do to create an image, that shows effort, yes! But what happened to the old-fashioned and more reliable one-on-one meeting before you put your brand in the hands of a stranger.

Instagram Notifications

Instagram Notifications

Also social media gives a false sense of security; you feel like you post a picture in the comfort of your room and you are sharing it with perhaps 500 of your followers on your private page; well no darling it will probably pop up on explore page, your profile will probably show up in suggestions or people to follow, so well I am sorry if you thought you had a safe place to be social. See it as you writing a story in small corner of the mall and planning to read it out to your friends (6 of them) just across the table and it gets read out and visualized to the whole mall of over 2,500 people.

Summary of the applications

Summary of the applications

So rather than download another seemingly interesting app, that would drain you emotionally, dictate your life, take a lot more of your time and eventually helping you build a life online that isn’t yours; try downloading productive apps, you know even at least a dictionary, maybe Webster or a mind game app like scrabble, criminal case or information apps like feedly that curates feeds to keep you updated with happenings around the world.



Also here is a little list of do’s and don’ts for the social media active people:

If you honestly don’t want to post it, don’t (don’t let popular pages, likes and comments drive your feed);                                                                                      Don’t turn on your location on any apps; don’t open personal tabs on a work system or device;

                                                                     Don’t put up your daily activities up (you can send personally to friends), it’s hard I know, resist the urge; set a time and time limit to be online, and if you have a 9-5, great!                                                                      Don’t go checking on your phone every second, nothing is happening;

                Maybe don’t accept just about any follow request or follow anyone except you are genuinely interested in their page and what they do (limit your distraction);

                                                                                                          Finally (for now) you don’t have to be on every social media platform just because it is viral.