Dance Craze or Crabe?


Uncle Azeez.jpg

You and I know that Africans are very spirited people and we do not have a problem with showcasing everything we can do, especially when we think we can do it better than you. It’s not pride; it’s a sense of worth and the willingness to show off our culture.

Africans enjoy taking everything to every corner of the earth and the key driver for this expose’ is the internet. The promise of reaching the world at the click of a button is too much of an opportunity to pass up on. With the growing trend in dance in Africa it is only imperative that we bring dance to everybody else and that’s the reason for the relentless number of dance videos created every now and then.

But my question is, is this craze or crabe?

No one wants to be left out of the frenzy, so whether you live somewhere in Africa or in diaspora, you are surely going to pick up your phone and join in. one personality who strikes a rhythmic cord in my feet each time I see him dancing is Uncle Azeez. The Nigerian born, living in Maryland, U.S.A has ceaselessly put out funny dance videos and he is gaining a lot of recognition, no slowing down for this one.

I call him the king of the stanky legs; I’ve never seen him make a video without that move. His enthusiasm and passion behind the moves is contagious as he is always sporting his white African attire (Agbada). Uncle Azeez does well in show casing many African dance moves, particularly Nigerian.

But if you are like me and don’t know anything about dancing, just enjoy the videos and smile.

Ps: Crabe is a modern slang for crap, according to urban dictionary.