Cut your coat...


Except you want to keep living (unnecessarily) lavish and doing stuff for the gram, then sign up here. Providing information in 5 categories such as: Gidi Creatives, Gidi Food & Drinks, Gidi Turn Up, Gidi Restaurants, Gidi Services; this platform is the answer to many Lagosians silent prayers, behind the instagram curtains, coming back to real life, everyone wants a cheaper option, it is why even when you are commuting by publi buses (if you are not a honorary uber user), you hesitate to enter when only bus inflates the price. 

Further offering an option where you can tell them how much you have and what you want to do under the "Gidi Budget", you input how much you have, how many people you would be chilling with (perfect for group hangouts) and then they give you a detailed analysis on how much fun you can have and where you can have it; thus, it makes its way to our top innovations so far for this year, for being realistic, transparent and taking a continuous walk into the average Nigerian's shoes.

it’s pretty normal [and in fact sane] to desire to make informed choices before using a service or completing a purchase – That’s why we are here for you. GidiCompare gives you detailed comparison of two or more products or services in Lagos, Nigeria.

We are highly independent and we endeavor not to give flawed or biased information to you. We are also pretty dedicated to giving detailed information. On Gidicompare, to compare is to be smart!

Making host to another feature "Gidi Tips" where there details of upcoming events are constantly updated, and in a nutshell they give you "the best tips and secrets on getting the most out of Lagos", from putting up a directory of Lagos emergency numbers (prior to this I did not even think we had these numbers), we have kept them below for you too and discounts and any news they think and I affirm would be of great value to you.

You can register your self/brand on their platform too under the section "join us" where relevant information would be asked of you including ability and willingness to travel. We think it is a totally great innovation as it is in tandem with consumer insight and helping solving actual problems, what do you think?

Lagos Emergency Numbers
AGENCY  NUMBERS Distress Call    767, 112

Distressed/Collapsed Building (LASPPDA)    01-5931947, 4933658, 4931940, 7630854

Ambulance Service (LASAMBUS/LASEMS)   08022887777,08022883678,08022887788, 01-7413744,01-7930490,01-7639939

Open Corpse (SEHMU) 08034279776, 08033602259, 08023356540, 08030789190

Rapid Response Squad (RRS)   08056250710,08033482380,08023127350, 08033355544, 01-7750715,01-4970389, 01-4970062, 01-4931261, 01-4920388

Traffic Control (LASTMA)    08075005411, 08023111742, 08077551000

Fire/Safety Services    08033234943, 08023321770

Tax Issues (LIRS)    08033033121,08033047270,01-4979030-4

Refuse Issues (LAWMA)    5577 (TOLL FREE), 07080601020,08023128099

Fake Drugs/Narcotics (TASK FORCE)    08033213799, 08034975296

NAFDAC    01-4528031,01-4731018 NDLEA    0803347868

Nigeria Police 08033011052, 08056250710, 08033183477

They can also make these number shorter, because in cases of actual distress, going through my contact list would not be a fist option, there might not even be that much time.