Create your own air


Considering the fact that i was thinking of buying a mobile fan to save me from passing out because of Lagos heat; on one hand it is beneficial for my skin *inserts melanin emoji* on the other hand nothing is more frustrating than unconsciously searching for air out in the open. So, "Do you want the air in your room or office to be cool, clean and humidified?", "Don't want to waste money on installing split systems, humidifiers and air cleaners?" There is a solution! Get Evapolar and make your microclimate perfect. The device is small, silent and convenient. 

With a few reviews from clients and mass media:

// Thank you, Evapolar, for making my studio bearable! Really works and it's efficient and green. Recommended! - Fabio Cannavaro

// Hi! My newborn baby was feeling very uncomfortable because it was hot weather and as soon as the device arrived, I put it on for her. The temperature dropped and she seemed very comfortable and was enjoying the cooler temperature. Thanks - Irene Brady

// I saw this thing at work, and it clearly did cool things down.- John Biggs, TechCrunch

// Evapolar is a portable personal cooler that promises to be a solution to the aussie summer.-

Dragging along a little humour, in the sense that it brings to life the common (childhood) diss "Don't breathe my air"; as it does not cool a whole room, just a persons immediate work table or area, like lol, bitch you thought. Here are the 3 major functions it performs-

Microclimate area: 3 m2; Cools 1 person's working place, sleeping area or traveling tent. Most efficiently covers the area of 2-3 m2. Doesn't cool the whole room.

Temperature reduction: 4–17°C; Decreases outgoing airflow temperature down to 17°C / 30°F degrees depending on the humidity level. Works best in dry and hot climate. Has a limited cooling effect with humidity higher over 70%.

Operating time: 4–6 hours; Works 4–6 hours from the one water supply. Operating time depends on the humidity and temperature level in the room.

With a core hydro-power operating mechanism and a size of 174 × 170 × 170 mm, Weight (without water): 1,3 kg, Water tank capacity: 750 ml, and a Power consumption: 10 W, Micro-USB plug 5V 2A (Works with USB power-bank); Evapolar is promising and may have a place in the future of work-spaces, notwithstanding its price.

What you can do much like the traditional air-conditioners is tweak the temperature to suit your current location, as it helps 

Cool the air: Use natural evaporative cooling to create a perfect micro climate in your personal working, sleeping, and traveling area;

Humidify: Humidifies the air, which allows easy breathing, and benefits the health of your skin and hair.

Purify: Filters out dust particles, which benefits your easy breathing and health.