Consumers are Diving into Risky Experiences With Brands

As technology continues to redefine what it means to compete, brands will need to have a scientific understanding of the factors that lead to success in creating wow consumer experiences

Thanks to the proliferation of social media, it can be said that brands are now in the business of “engagement” and “authentic relationships” with consumers. Social media is increasingly revolutionising the way that brands interact and engage with customers (actual and prospective). Vitally, it’s now very much a two-way relationship.

Brands are beginning to create risky experiences that allow consumers to express themselves as both continually seek for meaningful connections.

In April 2015, Lux Nigeria @houseofluxng, a leading brand in the beauty care segment of the toilet soap market launched a campaign on social media that encouraged consumers to tweet a love song to their loved ones using #IgniteTheSpark and watch @timidakolo, a top Nigerian R&B singer sing their tweets live!

Watch Timi Dakolo sing the tweets

Some responses:

Being Social drives Engagement, Engagement drives Loyalty, Trust, and Advocacy, and all correlate directly to increased Sales. Risks may never pay off, but where's the joy in marketing if you don't jump off a cliff without knowing what's below?