Chowberry: The app saving Nigerian masses


We met one lady who has six children and survives on 400 naira ($1.05)a day,” he said. “She sells firewood and kunu (a local drink). One day the task force seized her kunu for hawking in the street, and she had nothing. She had to feed her family on what she made. So it’s nice to see the impact of what we’re doing.

Currently functional in Lagos ans Abuja, Chowberry App, was born out of a personal experience Oscar had growing up; his father had a partial stroke, he was temporarily ill and unable to work, leaving the family struggling to make ends meet. "I remember most times there was little or no food [in the house]," he told CNN. "I had to go to school without food and got by with snacks friends shared with me. I always said in the future I would do something to ensure others wouldn't go through what I went through."

The app connects supermarkets to NGOs and low-income earners, allowing them to buy food that's about to expire at a discount. Recession has a strong grip on Nigeria's economy, and as the price of goods and services are increasing at a geometric progression, salary earners still receive the same wage as before all this change, and this is not to forget the large number of unemployed and under-employed population that there still is. With currently 20 local retailers on board, this app has a bright light as it is serving hope to the ones in the society who need it the most.

We went from about 1,500 daily visits to double that. There have been requests and demand, people tell me we really want this, we’re relying on what you guys are doing because things are expensive.

Offering food in five categories like cereals, grains, packaged, beverages, and canned; here is how the app works: 

// Sign up- Sign-up to monitor, stream or purchase low priced soon to expire food products.

// Search- Search our database of low priced soon to expire food products.

// Order- Reduce food waste, order soon to expire products listed by stores.

// Pay online- Pay online, receive SMS code to show and pick-up items from store

 Great Idea, ending hunger which is on top of the list of even world epidemics; but the people this app is set to help do not have access to technology and even if they have phones, would they rather subscribe for data or buy indomie and feed their children, a large number of the masses live from hand to mouth "work and chop", and even though it feels like everyone uses banks, a lot of people still don't. So if there is any feature to add it will be the pay on delivery option or better still make arramgments for these foods to be delivered and let them pay as they get rather than making it an online transaction. Nevertheless the app last year won The Rolex Award for Enterprise. 

You can help end hunger via this app by donating your excess food too.