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Snapwire simply creates a network between brands and a current community of 383,564 photographers. It works in the most simplest of ways; there are already themes up on the website that have popular picture tags one of which is "couples hugging", "people's pet's", "big city icons" for you to log in, choose and buy from "Search our authentic, Royalty-Free library inspired by real life. Buy single photos or subscribe and save." ; or create your own request by having the registered photographers have custom photos sent across to you after due payment. 

Being used by over 2000 brands worldwide some of which are- Hertz, Huff Post, Traffik, Beverage media group; here is how the request option works: 

1. Request Photos: Tell photographers what you're looking for, set a price, and turnaround time

2. Review Submissions: Nominate photos to indicate what you like and award photographers with points

3. Purchase The Best: Download the best photos that match your creative vision

All you really have to do to start earning, especially if you have an eye for aesthetic that you translate into photography, is to create an account, build a portfolio for your images, get exclusive access to paid photo requests, submit to requests and earn money, you can also edit your photos with tools from Adobe and then join the community of creatives. They (the snapwire team) urged you to start as an explorer and submit your best photos to snapwire challenges, if your photo gets nominated, you earn points and then you get paid after purchase. So the deal is, build your presence and portfolio by getting more points and getting to higher levels, because levels give you access to features as ability to be invited to requests, direct commissions and exposure; great right?

And oh, lest I forget, it is royalty free! Follow them and join the movement on Instagram: @snapwire

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Pay Your Rent Monthly


If you are not a house owner or landlord, your problems are basically narrowed down to two; terrible landlords that make house a living hell and or struggling to pay annual rent from your monthly salary; like honestly how do they think it is even possible, by performing magic or being miserly through the year? 

The homes are sourced according to demand. After users make requests on the website, Fibre goes looking for apartments that best match their given criteria. Tenants sign a one-year contracts and they have to pay 25% of the annual fee upfront to get the keys; then pay the balance of  the rent over the next 11 months. 

We started this company because this is one of the biggest problems people in Nigeria face today. Right now, we ask people who earn money monthly to somehow come up with one/two years worth of rent and pay that upfront.

From here are the advantages of getting a home with them: 

// Monthly Payments: No more lump sum 2-year rent payments. With Fibre, you can pay for your home monthly as you earn

// Access Multiple Locations: Moving homes should not be a hassle. Fibre members can move between Fibre locations as their housing needs change

// Living Made Simple: Living in a city can be stressful. Our locations are selected with your convenience in mind

// Advanced User Profile: Create a profile to help us monitor your preferences even before you join us. It's the best way to manage your viewings, track your bookings and get alerts on your favourite locations

And for home owners you might want to stop demanding lump sum rents from your tenants, list your property on this platform that we think has the inherent power to be the future and face of Nigerian housing system. What's in it for you?

// Less vacancies: By allowing our members to pay monthly, Fibre creates a larger pool of suitable tenants for any property, this way your house does not have to stay empty for months or even years.

// Verified tenants: Landlords gain access to thousands of verified tenants, and

// Dependable income: Landlords receive guaranteed periodic rental income

In the US, people are placed into different buckets as a function of their risk level. If you’re a safe bet, you are asked to make a tiny deposit and space out the remainder of your payments over the course of a year. If you are risky, you are asked to make a chunkier upfront payment. In Nigeria however, we effectively assume that 100% of the renters in our market are 100% risky. This is statistically impossible and is making life difficult for a lot of honest and hardworking Nigerians.

Providing feasible solutions to the everyday Nigerian man's problem as well as offering comfortable housing on a platter of piece-by-piece rent payment.

Stay Connected


The internet has become a tool we cannot live without. As at December, 2016 there were about 91,880,032 active internet users in Nigeria and estimates by the same report projects a double up of up to 191,835,936 users by the end of 2017. With the fast pace of internet penetration in Nigeria and Africa at large, demand for internet cost reduction is becoming more audible. Nigerian internet providers have listed several challenges causing the high cost of data services in the country, most citing poor power supply leading to almost total reliance on petrol hence the high cost.

New solutions are slowly springing up in Nigeria targeting internet provision and cost, one of which was the recent launch of Don Jazzy’s free internet service, Flobyt offering users free connectivity at specific places in Lagos. The solution has being tested for a scale up around the country, beyond just Lagos.


Go-Spot like Flobyt is offering users free internet connectivity, once users download the app they can locate areas where the Go-Spot service works and connect freely. With claims of “No Internet Downtime, Increased Bandwidth and Increased Speed” on their website, this solution is pivoted on a high expectation and we can only hope it lives up to and exceeds this high expectation.  The app acts as a gateway granting users access. Go-Spot says users can enjoy free Wi-Fi anywhere, any day, on the go as they expand.

Changing Water Surfaces


Achenyo Idachaba a trained computer scientist quit her job in the US to return to her home town in Nigeria. On her return to her home town, she faced the reality of change obvious in the poor livelihood of many around the country and this drove her into wanting to make a change. Riding on third mainland bridge, Lagos, she observed a collection of canoes held back by a prevalent Nigerian water seaweed, the water hyacinth. The water hyacinth is a lustrous green water weed, fast growing popular sea weed in Nigeria waters with attractive brightly coloured flowers. Though very attractive at sight this plant has been known to negatively affect economic activities in riverine communities, hindering access, preventing marine transportation, diminishing and halting activities, even preventing school kids from going to school.

Achenyo Idachaba // Photo via

Achenyo Idachaba // Photo via

Confronted by the reality of these beautiful yet damaging seaweeds, she decided to research on ways to turn them around for good for the communities being affected. Her research led her into discovery of the weed being used in making strong, tough, and tenacious ropes which plays a major role in most Nigerian homes, markets and communities.

Photo via

Photo via

Beyond that, she decided to upcycle the rope to create beautiful Afrocentric products from bags, to baskets, to lampstands to pens and a whole lot of other products. Starting off on her own on the wings of some local artisans in Ibadan, she now has employees and is teaching community members how to make a livelihood from the plants through, harvesting, drying, and weaving them into ropes, community members are also taught how to upcycle them into awesome products thereby keeping them busy and earning them extra income.

Today Achenyo has an enterprise, Mitimeth trading these amazing handicraft products online and offline across the country.

Training Session for community Members, Niger Delta, Nigeria // Photo via

Training Session for community Members, Niger Delta, Nigeria // Photo via



Girls, Help Has Come!




Oghenekaro Omu is a Brand Strategist and Humanitarian who is passionate about the education and health of young Nigerian girls. She became concerned about the doubling increase in the cost of Sanitary pads in the country fuelled by the economic recession in Nigeria and decided to use what she had to make a change; her passionate heart and her social media influence.

Leveraging on social media, Oghenekaro decided to gather up a team of young followers; Gabriella Scott, Cynthia Ndeche, Tolani Thomas, Alexa Chukwumah, Ifeyinwa Mbanugo and Olamide Odukoya alongside other eager volunteers for a crowdfunding campaign which will be used to purchase sanitary pads for young underprivileged girls. The success of the first crowdsourcing campaign was beyond expectation, raising over Eight Hundred Thousand Naira within a week from followers on Twitter alone. Encouraged by the success, She and her team decided to set up an easily accessible page on twitter and Instagram, informing and engaging with donors on state of activities, process and challenges of campaigns - @freesanitarypad.

(Photo:  S.A.N.G )

(Photo: S.A.N.G)

A UNESCO report states that one in ten girls in Sub-Saharan Africa misses school during her menstrual cycle due her inability to access affordable sanitary products. Generally, there is a hush-hush cloud surrounding menstrual hygiene in Nigeria which leaves underprivileged school girls to suffer in silence. It is also important to note that not only girls’ education suffer during menstruation, but in their overall health. It is stated that about 70% of all reproductive diseases in developing countries are caused by poor menstrual hygiene – which in turn affect maternal mortality. In places where girls cannot afford sanitary towels, many resort to of using reusable clothes, which most times are often washed without soap or clean water putting the girls and their future at high risk.

Oghenekaro’s Freesantiarypad initiative since January, 2017 has been working not just to distribute free sanitary towels to young girls around the country but also to assist young girls with proper education since sex education and female menstrual hygiene are not adequately discussed in the country. Currently the initiative has sent some sanitary towels to IDP camps in Jos and educated them on sanitary hygiene during menstruation. The initiative also has reached out to secondary schools in Lagos, assisting them with proper education on female sanitary hygiene and free sanitary towels. So far over 1000 sanitary towels have been distributed from January till date.

The initiative runs a sanitary drive monthly allowing donors to donate packs of sanitary pads for subsequent distribution. Gaining recognition off the internet, the initiative now has a representative in Procter and Gamble selling their sanitary products to them at a discounted rate.

(Photo:  S.A.N.G )

(Photo: S.A.N.G)

It is interesting to see how Oghenekaro is using social media as a tool for change from her immediate community to the rest of Nigeria. It takes just the right heart and a viable skill to make a change. In less than three months, 'freesanitarypad' has raised over 1.5 million Naira off the internet which have been used to purchase and distribute sanitary towels to young girls. 'freesanitarypad' is also driving and causing the right conversations around the cost of sanitary pad, hygiene and education for young Nigerian girls. The future of social change is here and it is right in our hands.

To support the initiative contact @freesanitarypad Email: Direct donations can be made HERE.

(Photo:  S.A.N.G )

(Photo: S.A.N.G)

Oghenekaro Omu  via

Oghenekaro Omu  via