It's 2 Days to Tech Trends Talks, Are you Ready?

It's no news that the World has gone Digital and Global is fast becoming a global village. Technology is taking over old processes and procedures. In all this Africa, isn't behind. Today, Nigeria could be mentioned as Africa's leading tech Hub. TINK Africa, a Trends Intelligence Network in Lagos wishes to welcome you to another edition of their Special Monthly Meet Up. The TINK Africa Special meetups tracks trends and discusses topical issues that affect Nigerians and Africans at large across diverse scopes. This month, they will be dissecting and forecasting the future of technology in Africa

This Saturday, August 5, 2017 join these top industry players at the Tech Trends Talks event as they lead the conversation on Predicting Trends in Africa's Tech Ecosystem.

Panelist: Muywia Matuluko, Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief, Techpoint

Panelist: Muywia Matuluko, Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief, Techpoint

Panelist: Wole Ogundare, Managing Director, Yudala

Panelist: Wole Ogundare, Managing Director, Yudala

Tristan Hall, Product Manager (Mobile), Samsung electronics, West Africa

Tristan Hall, Product Manager (Mobile), Samsung electronics, West Africa

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Skype me the money!


Skype.. gIFS TINK Africa

This revelation was made at a technology conference in Silicon Valley when Zennstrom said the company is working with PayPal. Microsoft and PayPal are enabling the support in Skype today and all that is needed to have access this service is to upgrade to the latest version of the Android and iOS app to send money. 

According to the Chief Executive, "You can now send money over Skype. This is basically connecting the Skype community over PayPal."

This new PayPal integration is coming on the heels of Microsoft's recently tweaked version of Skype mobile which has features like a universal search and a simple user interface that is only accessible to mobile at first, with Desktop and then iOS, Windows, and Mac. This new interface they say is to "better improve messaging" although it has been met with criticism from users.

Keep in mind that PayPal is already the most popular way that Skype users pay for long-distance Skype phone calls to other phones and this might make the entire process successful because as at 2016, Skype recorded over 560 million registered users worldwide.

Skype-PayPal can function as a money transfer service for transactions which can range from sending money to a friend to split a restaurant bill among others. 

 Although there is no exact information on when the service would be made available to Skype's users, the partnership will begin in 22 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and a number of European markets.

We await with hope the inclusion of Africa in this marriage of Skype and PayPal.

Smell Detector App


For me that still commutes by public buses; this smell/body odour is an issue dear to my heart; like I personally feel that it is unfair to leave your house with dirty clothes and obviously without the use of deodorants and then come in a public bus and then not keep your body in one place, you are probably saying take an uber duhh; but I do not have uber money in my account. So this is a public plea to the government to have this evenly distributed. While it was created for summer seasons in Japan, it is always hot in Nigeria and even in the rain the moist air still promotes smell from wet clothes and the likes.

Japanese tech company Konica Minolta has indeed started making a device that will measure your smelliness in four parts of your body: your feet, your armpits, around your head, and behind your ears. The machine then connects to the smartphone app through Bluetooth and lets you know whether "immediate care is needed". Up to you to then find the nearest shower or deodorant to fix that...

The device is called Kunkun Body, a name which comes from the Japanese word for sniff. There is also a Japanese word for 'smell harassment' - sumehara - because it appears Japanese people are really worried about their smell. Indeed the project was born out of a conversation between Konica Minolta colleagues about their worries regarding the intense summer heat and the ensuing smell they developed. 

Kunkun Body will retail for 30,000 yen (around $265) and it currently enjoys a fragrant crowdfunding page that already crows "success!"

Coincidentally, the places this device detects smell; are some of the common areas that is usually advised to apply ointment and deodorant, behind you ear, armpit and others. Also extra advice; carry a body spray or perfume in your bag to spray at intervals all through the day.

Many shoes in one


Ki Ecobe which will only be launched on the completion of the kickstarter project which is $20,023 gone on $30,000. It is a "KI ecobe is a self-assembled modular shoe that uses no toxic adhesives. The end user assembles the shoe making the manufacturing process much less labor intensive." 

KI ecobe allows the consumer to express his or her character by selecting materials and colors and custom building their own shoe on our online store.

With 10,125 shoe combinations with straps, boots, out-soles & in-soles, laces and an easily washable feature with the machine and being able to convert from shoe to slippers in an instant; KI ecobe is selling more than just the dreams of being able to wear one shoe in so many ways but with ease and comfort.

Bino and Fino are Rewriting the African Narrative, One Funny Episode at a Time.

Bino and Fino are Rewriting the African Narrative, One Funny Episode at a Time.

Children entertainment is one part of the Nigerian buzzing entertainment sector struggling to exist. There are very little to very few available local kids entertainment. Many kids are left with Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or none.

To change this, Adamu Waziri a young Nigerian Content Creator birthed Bino and Fino, a cartoon series focused on the everyday life of two Nigerian living with their grandparents in a local Nigerian Community. The Cartoon highlights everyday life and times in the life of every other Nigerian Child. Being rich in culture and laced in humorous storytelling, Bino and Fino aim promotes Nigerian and African culture while keeping viewers entertained. The show currently runs on multiple language options; English, Igbo, Hausa, Yourba, Swahili and French. This covers Anglophone, franchophone and indigenous Africa. In an era when many African Languages are threatened, this show not only entertains but preserves African Culture.

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