It's 2 Days to Tech Trends Talks, Are you Ready?

It's no news that the World has gone Digital and Global is fast becoming a global village. Technology is taking over old processes and procedures. In all this Africa, isn't behind. Today, Nigeria could be mentioned as Africa's leading tech Hub. TINK Africa, a Trends Intelligence Network in Lagos wishes to welcome you to another edition of their Special Monthly Meet Up. The TINK Africa Special meetups tracks trends and discusses topical issues that affect Nigerians and Africans at large across diverse scopes. This month, they will be dissecting and forecasting the future of technology in Africa

This Saturday, August 5, 2017 join these top industry players at the Tech Trends Talks event as they lead the conversation on Predicting Trends in Africa's Tech Ecosystem.

Panelist: Muywia Matuluko, Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief, Techpoint

Panelist: Muywia Matuluko, Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief, Techpoint

Panelist: Wole Ogundare, Managing Director, Yudala

Panelist: Wole Ogundare, Managing Director, Yudala

Tristan Hall, Product Manager (Mobile), Samsung electronics, West Africa

Tristan Hall, Product Manager (Mobile), Samsung electronics, West Africa

Featuring: Insightful Discussions | Master Class | Networking

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Nigerian Advertising, Take a Look at What UK is Doing

Nigerian Advertising, Take a Look at What UK is Doing

Advertising in Nigeria seems to be holding on tight to old ways and expressions. An industry that prides itself as “Creative”, the Nigerian Marketing and Communication space has proven to be very undeserving. Rarely do commercials are here sell products in creative and brilliant ways, at least never enough to make it to the ‘Brilliant Ads” page.

But beyond a lack of creativity there also are many modern day tone deaf expressions in many Nigerian adverts. Take for example, any detergent or food (especially bouillon cube) ad, would portray the woman as the hero of the house, sweeping, cleaning, cooking and stuck in the kitchen, sometimes supported by her little daughter while the boys are left playing football outside, the men watching football or doing other “fatherly duties”

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Twitter has released a formal announcement via their handle that users can now send direct messages to other users without having to follow them first. All that is needed is an accepted request.

In their support article, they explained the whole concept behind the direct messaging on twitter's platform.

To review Direct Message requests
If you have the Receive messages from anyone setting enabled, incoming messages from people you don’t follow will appear as Requests in the Messages tab. New group conversations that you’re added to by people you don’t follow will also appear in Requests. Entering the conversation, you will be asked to either Delete or Accept the message. Accepting the message will allow you to engage with the person, and will move the message to your inbox. Please note that they will not know you have seen the message until you have accepted their request.

Deleting the message will remove it from your inbox. Note: Deleting a message will not prevent that account from sending you messages in the future. You will always have the option to block the account or report the conversation. Blocked accounts cannot send you messages unless you unblock them.

Accepting the message will allow you to engage with the person. All media will be hidden prior to accepting the message.

To disable Direct Message read receipt
Direct Messages feature read receipts so you know when people have seen your messages. When someone sends you a Direct Message and your Show read receipts setting is enabled, everyone in the conversation will know when you’ve seen it. This setting is enabled by default but you can turn it off (or back on) through your settings at any time. If you turn off the Show read receipts setting, you will not be able to see read receipts from other people.

Read receipts are only viewable on the Twitter for iOS and Android apps, and Please note, however, that read receipts will also be sent when you view Direct Messages on mobile web.

This is a good step in the right direction because people can now reach organisations and persons of interest with Direct Messaging without having to follow them first. Smart business can also use this as a rare privilege of reaching a target audience with messages about their product or services. The downside, however, is that with the free-of-cost nature of social media, many businesses will begin to send unsolicited cum incessant direct messages to users in an uncontrollable manner. There can only be hope that a control measure will be put in place.

So, go ahead and slide into that DM.

Hurray! We're having a food meetup!

One of man’s oldest needs remains food. Man from the beginning has hunted animals and tilled the soil in hope of the reward of food. Feeding is as old as humanity itself. Everyone eats to survive and different people have adapted to different types of food over time and are today eating it in the most incredible yet unique way, practically forming an important part every culture.

TINK Africa, a Trends and Intelligence network in Lagos, Nigeria is bringing together a gathering of food lovers, foodies, food enthusiasts, food experts, chefs, cooks and everyone who loves to eat to discuss “The Future of Food in Africa”, with a focus on trends from the past, the present and the future; new technologies influencing food preparation, processing, packaging, ordering, delivery and lots more.

Join us this Saturday, 27TH May, 2017 as we embark on this amazing Journey.

Time: 1:00pm

Venue: 32b Ramat Crescent, Ramat Estate, Ogudu GRA

Panelist:  Ozoz Sokoh  (Food expert, Food blogger and Founder, KitchenButterfly)

Panelist: Ozoz Sokoh (Food expert, Food blogger and Founder, KitchenButterfly)

Panelist:  Tunde Badmus  (Founder/CEO Food Africana)

Panelist: Tunde Badmus (Founder/CEO Food Africana)

Panelist:  Itoro Effiong Bright  (CEO Ibom Soups, Founder Kitchen Integrity and Cook Like a Pro Workshop)

Panelist: Itoro Effiong Bright (CEO Ibom Soups, Founder Kitchen Integrity and Cook Like a Pro Workshop)

Panelist:  Fikayo Durosinmi Etti  (CMO, Neo Café Group)

Panelist: Fikayo Durosinmi Etti (CMO, Neo Café Group)

Special Highlights: Food and Drink Exhibitions | Insightful Discussions | Networking | Games

Connect with us @Tinkafrica

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What is Up with Linda Ikeji Social These Days?

via makeawebsitehub

via makeawebsitehub

Recently this has been the question following the social networking platform launched by the Top Nigerian Blogger and media Entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji. Late last year, November 1, 2016 to be precise, Linda launched her own social media network, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) - a platform built to combine personal blogging and social networking. LIS as a social media platform was built riding on the wing of the blogger’s massive successful blogging career and platform. LIS met a lot of buzz, applause and skepticism on arrival, so much so that platform gathered over 50,000 users on the first day of launch!

LIS Interface/ via lindaikejisocial 

LIS Interface/ via lindaikejisocial 

Lindaikeji’s blog strength in the Nigeria online media space has remained enviable and top-ranking through the decade, her move to translating the blog’s high traffic and following into a real time user interaction platform (LIS) makes sense, seeing as the blog’s comment section over the years grew into an impressive community, one that can only be seen on few platforms in Nigeria and Africa. Basically, LIS was almost just begging to happen. A simple dream to move those daily site visitors to LIS users was meant to roll out easily as users were to be enticed with News, Updates and Monetary/non-monetary incentives. Six months after launch, has things been rosy for LIS in Nigeria?

Though in the pre-launch and post-launch months, Linda invested in the online and offline marketing of the platform and even incentivized the product for users, today there has a been visible decline in marketing and this may be reflecting on the app acceptance, popularity and usage.

Nigeria as a country remains one the most active in internet usage and engagement in Africa, so one would have taught launching LIS in the continent’s “internet hub” would make things easy. With about 16 million active facebook users as at last month(April), Nigeria sits on top, ahead of many other countries in the continent on social media and internet use. This unignorable trend is seen across other popular social media platform. It’s easy to see that Nigerians are big online! Customer/User conversion was pointed out as many to be the problem to hinder LIS’ speedy acceptance as many Nigerians have already pitched their tents in popular social networking platforms. This meant a possible unwillingness to move to newer ones, and clearly not so easily with incentive baits.

Amongst Local Nigerian Platforms, Nairaland has arguably stood for the longest to be the most interactive platform and this may be because of how easy to use, simple and open it is. Being an open forum, users can say whatever they wanted, to whoever they wanted and however they wanted because of it’s easy open design. There are little to no implications for any kind of public interactions made (kind of similar to most blog comment sections), the general idea in most users’ head remain “if the kitchen gets too hot, you leave and return another day”. With LIS being built like the facebook interface, the “village square” setting of Nairaland could never apply as users were made to get profiles and anonymity became close to impossible. But beyond the interface and other technical setback (difficulty in logging in etc.) many have argued that LIS was not marketing enough.

LIS Interface/ Via lindaikejisocial

LIS Interface/ Via lindaikejisocial

Long and short, everyone knows the dust of excitement has settled and LIS may not be doing as good as many predicted. Looking at our similar past experiences with Google Plus and Google Hangout we are left with asking “LIS, what next?” Clearly, there maybe a need for major restructuring in marketing, design and general technical build.

On Techcabal’s Radar, an open online community of and for techies, the fate of LIS was recently discussed and no one could come up with any strong solution to save the platform.

We leave the question to you, does anybody know what’s up with LIS these days?