Brands Are Becoming More Human

P is for Payporte, an e-commerce site that is altering our expectations of having only online relationships with customers.

Brands are becoming more and more like humans; they’re taking on more and more human-like traits. It is no longer enough for brands to simply “talk the talk”. They are connecting with people by taking purposeful and meaningful actions that define the customer experience in a humane context.

It is getting harder for brands to bond with consumers if their positioning is simply rooted in functional benefits; customers tend to have affinity for brands that care, and go out of their way to understand the issues they are faced with on a daily basis.

PayPorte, an online store based in Abuja, recently demonstrated this show of human traits. In May 2015, it launched the Celebrity Surprise Delivery where one of the brand ambassadors, Tayo Faniran, Nigeria’s representative at the 2014 Big Brother Africa - tagged ‘BBHotshots’ - made surprise deliveries to customers.

The notable thing about what Payporte is doing here is they are not saying, “Hey look, we’ll deliver your goods to your doorsteps.” They’re saying, “Hey look, we care about the things you have bought from Payporte, and we will ensure that they are delivered to you with our love.”

In their willingness to show the more human part of their brand, Payporte is making huge strides by bonding one-on-one with its consumers. The brand is coming across as honest, loving and friendly.

People by nature are wired to respond to emotional human traits. Now, brands are taking a cue from this. They are beginning to re-think how they communicate their values by having an open, honest and on-going interaction with consumers.  And, it really doesn’t have to be perfect. The most important thing is that the brands inculcate a culture of openness, sharing, fun and community.